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Discussion in 'Australian Medical Council (AMC) EXAM' started by fs canberra, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. fs canberra

    fs canberra Guest

    is there anyone in canberra to help me out, to study with me please please please. well, i've started from this january, hoping to take the test within sept. :cry:
  2. hi , i'm in canberra too, but will take the test in about a year , probably beginning of 2012.if you need a long time and comprehensive study partner.plz send me ur email.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    glad to know that. my email address is fawziasultana1 at geemail. they don't allow to share email address, you may understand what is this. well, where do you come from? where do you live in canberra? really interested to talk to you. cheers.
  4. fs canberra

    fs canberra Guest

    hi canberra guest,
    i've posted my email address in previous post .
  5. wedboon

    wedboon Guest

    study partener in canberra

    hi fs canberra im really interested to get study partener for amc mcqs i will take the exam this next may plse call me bet 5 till 11 pm in this numb 62873957 will be appreciated
  6. fscanberra

    fscanberra Guest

    hi wedboon,
    i'm extremely sorry for delayed reply. my laptop was crashed by a deadly virus for couple of days. well, i appreciate your interest. well, you are in advanced stage of the study. i don't know whether i can help you or not. but i want to keep contact with everybody who r in the same path so everybody will be benefited by one another. well, i am from Bangladesh and now live at palmerston near gangahlin. talk you soon or you may email me, i posted that in my previous email. hope you will pass soon.
  7. Raj Pandey

    Raj Pandey Guest

    Hi, my email is I am also sitting the AMC clinical exam in 2012. I'd be happy to be your study partner!! Please email me if interested.
  8. subarna chowdhury

    subarna chowdhury New Member

    hy everyone,im in canberra,i need aserious study partner for amc mcq exam.i m preparing for exam in march 2014,if anyone interested plz reply

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