Subjectwise question of ALL INDIA PRE PG EXAM 2012

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    1. temozolomide - alkylating agent
    2. apixaban - direct Xa inhibitor
    3. IBD & constipation - lubiprostone
    4. mobius syn side effect of - misoprostol
    5. radioprotective - amifostine
    6. mitomycin - laryngotracheal stenosis
    7. drug inducing osteomalacia - phenytoin
    8. cyanide toxicity - sodium nitroprusside
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    1. otitis - vibrio alginolyticus
    2. v.cholerae - cAMP
    3. group A str - bacitracin sensitivity
    4. pregnant lady with syphilis , treatment - penicillin
    5. ulcers in lower limb - sporothrix
    6. salmonella typhi inf dose - 100 to100000
    7. contact lens wearer - acanthamoeba
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    Q. Common enzyme in cholestrol and ketone metabolism

    a. HMG coA reductase
    b HMG coA lyase
    c HMG coA synthase
    d. thiolase
    answer -HMG CoA Synthase
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    Q1 LN enlargement seen in invovlment of a/e
    a. Middle Ear Disease
    b. Nasopharyngeal involvement

    Q2. Diabetic elderly male with lesion in external ear with facial nerve palsy resistant to antibiotics.
    a. Malignant Otitis Externa

    Q3. All Structures Are derivatives of pharyngeal arches except?
    a, tensor veli palitini.
    b. tensor tympani.
    c. stapedius.
    d. palatine Tonsils.

    Q4. all nerves supply the auricle except.?
    a. Greater Auricular
    b. Lesser Occipital.
    c. Tympanic Branch of Vagus.
    d. Auriculotemporal nerve.

    Q5. Lesion developed from Olfactoty Mucosa?
    a. Nasal Polyp.
    b. esthesionneuroepithelioma.

    Q6. Q on Post Cochlear Implant Smptoms and Advantages.

    Q7. All cause Conduction Deafness Except?
    a. menieres disease ( Hydrops)
    b. otosclerosis.
    c. serous OTitis Media
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    Q79. 12 yr old girl, rapid gain in height since last 11 months, inability to sit with legs crossed and difficulty in squatting, on bending knee reaches same side axilla, whats the most probable diagnosis?
    a. SCFE

    Q80. middle aged male comes wiyth shortening of leg by 7 cms, Hip in Flexion and External Rotation, clinically hard mass palpable in lateral gluteus region, whats the most probable Diagnosis?
    a Post Dislocation.
    b, Central Dislocation.
    c. Grade 4 Dislocation.
    d. Fracture of acetabulum with dislocation of Hip joint.

    Q81. Inability to Abduct Shoulders and inability to flex elbow.. Most Likely Cause?
    a. Shoulder Dislocation
    b Lateral Cord Injury
    c Anterior Trunk Injury.
    d Medial Cord Injury.

    Q82. All Are True about SACH- ic10 Except?
    a. Full Form is 'Solid Ankle Cushion Heel.
    b. managed by ...
    c. woody heel....

    Q83. All except seen in fracture Neck of Femur?
    a. Shortening
    b. mal-union
    c. non-union
    d AVN

    Q84. Proximal Segment of Scaphoid Fracture goes into AVN Due To?
    a. REtrograde Blood Supply to Scaphoid

    Q84. Tuberculosis Bone Is due to?
    a. Hematogenous Spread
    b. Lymphatic Spread.

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