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    Can anyone please tell me how to prepare for the AMC exam? I guess it would all depend on your knowledge base first. I am an old goose, 1994 batch and haven't done much clinical work as I worked in Health Promotion. So after so many years I have decided to go for the exam. I sat for the test in July 2006. Studied questions from the past 5 yrs (2000 - 2005) and used mainly the pocket books + Murtagh + internet and failed for 8 marks. But now as you may all be aware questions are not repeated as much. So this time I am studying from the main books like Davidson, Harrisons etc. But it is time consuming. Also I work full time and have young kids. I would much appreciate if anyone can suggest how to go about the preparation in my situation. Time is my enemy as I work full time. What strategy would best work in my case? Does anyone have similar experience?
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    hi smh29, As u havnt been in touch wd the books for long is ofcourse disadvantegeous for ur exam.
    bt if u failed on the margin, means u hve already worked much for that, which will b useful for u in the furture attempt.
    n john murtajh is nt a pocket, its an important book which u hve done.. u can go through the txtbooks like Davidson, Harrisons etc, bt no need if ur concept is clear, u can juz use these for refernces.
    well, discussion is the main path for u to save time.I suggest what, is find a study partner or go for group discussions.hopfuly it will help u out.

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    Thanks a lot Shimmry for getting back to me. Yes you are right, I am disadvantaged. Unfortunately for me it is a bit hard to get hooked with a study partner as I work full time and week ends are harder for other people. So I pretty much do it on my own.
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    I recently sat for AMC part 1 on 15th Nov 08 at Brisbane.Three books are useful- which you all know. Anthology of medical conditions, Annotated MCQs, JOhn Murtagh's General practice. I had also taken an online tutorial of MCQs by canadaQbank which i found personally very helpful- almost 50 % of MCQs were fashioned similarly.It costs around 65 US dollars for 3 mo & 35 for 1 month. It's expensive- but very very useful.Just go thro' those 2000 mcqs atleast 3 times with explanations- And u have covered the AMC part 1 nicely.
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    Nov 15 is a tough exam but almost half were taken from Murtagh and OHCM, a lot of psychiatry (Transvestism) and epidemiology (OC- 3%)
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    ya...nov 15 exam was very tough...any discussions abt dat..any questions in particluar?>???
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    im a bit unsure about the case with increased platelets. I have answered essential thrombocythaemia

    labyrinthitis - nystagmus???

    anticholinergic delirium - tacrine
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    ya..i remember da question of increased platlets..even i answered essential thrombocythemiia since all the others didnt match...
    der was a question on nystagmus which i answered as viral labyrynthitits....
    dont actually remember da anticholinergic delirium...

    cud u pls elaborate ur questions whn u post them next time...

    wt abt da question on a girl with overdose of 40 tablets of paracetamols who presented 3 days later???liver transplant or n-acetylcystein...

    a stroke case within 2 hrs...rtpa??

    wound with crepitus in leg...debridement???

    a mass in upper quadrant which becomes prominent whn raising frm bed....epigastric hernia???

    lady with swellin in leg medial to femoral artery.....femoral hernia or direct inguinal hernia??

    black discoloration on face of a old man...hutchison melanotic or BCC???

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    I am pleased we've got similar answers. I have answered hutchinsons melanocytic freckle, its in anthology. Yes, its rTPA within 3 hours of stroke.
    You're right its epigastric hernia, ive checked it in OHCM.
    I'm afraid its femoral.

    What about the 14 year old girl who is asking for OCP. I answered , just prescribe it. I am not sure.

    Whats your answer on the child who had repeated bouts of suppurative otitis media. I answered cholesteatoma

    The paracetamol, i wrote n acetylcysteine

    there was a question on bitemporal hemianopsia
    and optic chiasm . These were 2 separate questions

    Was one of the ECG WPW? I answered Cease Verapamil
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    i knew it was dat the way,hutchison freckle had a different pic in anthology..dis pic was different n it seemed a bit raised for me....

    abt the paracetamol...der r mixed opinions frm every1..but MJA says to give acetylcysteine coz it reduces cerebral edema even if the liver is massively damaged..vll b gr8 if v get dat rt...

    young girl askin for OCP..both OCP n condom...

    i remember 1 of them...dat the cause of bitemporal hemianopsia is optic chiasm compresion..

    except 1 or 2 ECG'S ,i wasnt able to get them..guessed them..remember for one or 2 ECG'S it was hearth block- so i marked pacemaker...........
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    i suppose der was a mastery in part 2 on henoch schonlein purpura indirectly askin da treatment..sceario was a young boy petechial spots n diarrheoa.......rt???steroids,immunoglobins,full blood count........

    i guess i wrote cholesteotoma for tthe recurrent CSOM boy....

    der were 2 CT'S ...wt was dat.....cerebrAL infarct or hemorrhage???n the other one was subdural or epidural hematoma???

    picture with testicular redness...chlamydia???
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    i answered steroids
    one question on psych - grandiose - i answered narcissistic
    an old man on Selegiline and was given with sertraline, had diarrhea, i answered cease Sertraline (SE: diarrhea)
    How about the 6th weeks AOG , non stress test every week starting 25 weeks

    Sorry, i cant recall how it was asked originally. I can just recall some key words and answer.

    There was another one which I answered papillary necrosis, i think its about a lady on analgesic and diabetic. He had some form of UTI but the culture is negative

    How about the farmer's CT scan? I just guess it as hydatid cyst as I cant really visualize it properly.

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    There is an Xray with pulmo edema. I said to give furosemide
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    i answered narcissiic as well..

    m afraid u dont do NST before 28 weeks even in high risk pregnancies...answer in an other one..dont remember wt i wrote..

    guess i wrote the same for xray with pulmonary edme
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    i think i changed my answer, it should be antiphospholipid

    what did you answer about the old lady who is becoming forgetful but has good cognition... Is it pseudodementia???
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    ya..antiphospholipd is wt i wrote....

    as far as i remember i marked psedodementia for one q....i think it is ....
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    in general, what do you think about the exam.
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    BMI question - 20
    perianal excoriation - that one i think i am not sure. i answered stool culture what did you answer?

    another case on pernicious anemia?

    G6PD - boy from Sudan on Trimetoprim
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    ammaerrhea - anorexia nervosr
    14 yr girlssurgiacl oophrectomy
    debridement \
    ecg -verapmil
    pacemaker insertion
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    was there enough time to answer all the question ?please reply
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    in general it was a tough exAM...not an easy one...

    ya der was a case of pernicious anemia...but dont remember more dan dat...

    abt the time depends frm individual to individual..i jus managed to finish it ..struggled to time in the part 2....
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    der was a question on somethin abt adductor policis longus n flexor it de quervein's tenosynovitis??????

    dis is a mastery....2 hrs post thyroid surgery .....hoarseness in voice n somethin more......intubate the patient????

    dis is a mastery.....epigastric pain radiatin to back..pulsation in the vascular surgeon????
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    the 1st part was fine, i had 30 min to revise my answer but the 2nd part was really tough, i just finish 2 minutes before the time. The cases were very long.
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    Expanding haematoma is a common complication in post thyroidect px. If a neck hematoma is compromising the patient's airway, open the surgical incision at the bedside to release the collection of blood. I have answered this one
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    thats my answer, too, de quervain, but i am not entirely sure. its EPB rupture?
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    i totally agree with ur explanation abt hematoma formation after thyroid surgery...but this case if i remember had hoarseness of voice not dyspnoe...which happens coz of reurrent laryngeal nerve injury which provides supply to vocal cords..if dat is damaged,then intubate.....wt say???
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    what is online tutorial of MCQs by canadaQbank? w u tell me its web address?
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    Hi guys... Could you tell me the canada mcq weblink... Thank you.
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    at 26 week, the nearest tertiary hospital is 120 Km distance, what to do?
    a- Give tocolytics
    b- Give decadron
    c- Give AB

    question about PROM and the answer was giving hydrocortisone

    sign and symptoms of gardenla vaginals during pregnancy, how Rx?
    a- Metrondiazol

    fertile female with lower abdominal pain and adnxal mass but no cervical motion tenderness, last menstrual period was before 3 weeks,Ix?
    a- U/S
    b- B-hcg

    X ray of humras neck fracture,mx?
    b-sling with early mobilisation

    question about patient with COPD developed co2 retention after Rx with O2

    ealdrly patient developed hypothyroidism, dose of Tr;
    a- 25 mg thyroxin
    b- 50mg thyroxin
    c- 75----------

    WOF is not future of thyrotoxicosis
    a-Corse hand tremor

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    Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:47 pm Post subject:


    feamle did MVA while examine u find no visual filed bilaterally with some cataract
    a-do ct
    b-measure Intraocular pressure
    c-report driving authority
    d-do cataract sx

    woman with HPV
    a- human papiloma virus is not indicated

    male sudden syncope family hx of heart problem,

    polycystic kidney,Hx of died uncle because of brain hemorhage
    Do head ct

    q/sigmoed valvules

    dierty wound, Rx: debridment

    horsness+dysphagea+feeling of mass in the throat
    a-ca oesophagus
    b-ca larynx

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    Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:49 pm Post subject:


    Picture of DM baby
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    HI can anyone tell me how to prepare for the mastery questions?...I mean on what topic do they depend on much.....Plz help me......I really need help
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    thanx mnk for canada q bank advice :)
  32. pink

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    i want to know about canadaQbank
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    nov exam was tough...i got my result today i m failed.i dont know what they did but i was sure that atleast i will clear this exam.anyway so guys workhard
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    amc results

    Hi, I sat for off-shore amc part 1 on nov 19. Wondering how did u get ur results? By air mail or through the website? There were no results published on the webpage?
  35. drkp

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    amc result

    kindly let me know where can we see nov.2008 exam results?
  36. drkp

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    amc result

    kindly let me know where can we see nov.2008 exam results?
  37. drsh

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    it is on amc website now
    good luck
  38. dr.z

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    nov. exam

    i sat for the nov.exam (on shore) it was realy a tough one, but thanks god i got the result today :) & i have passed it. :)
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    i agree with dr z, it was relaly hard and I am so pleased I passed as well. Lets celebrate! :D
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    me 2 ,but i did very hard on this exams ,so guys its very tough now a days
    good luck
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    Could you tell me the canada mcq weblink... Thank you

    [Could you tell me the canada mcq weblink... Thank you]
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    Hey mnk, could you please tell me more about canadian question bank and how to access it. I am desparately looking for it. Please do reply soon. Thanks.
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    about canadian question bank

    can u tell me more about this canadian question bank..
    how it is available
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    hi, there, here is the weblink of canadaqbank,
    it is easy, you pay online and access it instantly

    search canadaqbank from google

    by the way, i am about to seat AMC MCQ in 2009
    someone want join group study with me?
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    i did nov exam and i passed it.
    no need for canda bank and paying extra money ,,,,recalls are more than enough.....but u have to use the correctly >>study the topic of the quetion and not just trying to memorize thm by heart...... :p :oops: :lol:
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    hw to prepare ., and regarding study materials

    hai m sahil ., i finshd my mbbs last yr ., i want to give amc exan., can any one pls help me regarding hw to start ., and which books i hav to study ., is books or dvds of amc available in india?. pls help me out
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    Im setting for the Canadian MCQE part 1 exam any body interested in group study

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    Am interested in the study let me kw the details pls.
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    Examination date for the Post of Junior Assistant of Kalyani

    I want to know the examination date of Kalyani University for the post of Junior Assistant.

    Yours faithfully,
    Tusar Sen

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