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    (1) Delirium (burn & morphine)
    (2) Pleuritic Chest Pain
    (3) PVD(right leg Claudication pain & smoking)
    (4) OCP & irregular bleeding
    (5) Asthma/pneumonia & pregnancy
    (6) Labour pain control--
    (7) Intussuception---screaming child
    ( 8) Febrile Convulsion
    (9) Nocturnal wetting
    (10) Oxazepam script--
    (11) Menigitis--
    (12) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome---P/E
    (13) Left Supraclavicular lymphnode metastasis--P/E
    (14) Alcohol counselling & P/E
    (15) CVA--vertigo/nystagamus
    (16) Obesity & OA
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    thanks Kmthu
  3. Guest

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    thanks very much for posting your questions. Do you have any comments about the scenarios (ie what info were you given, what questions were you asked, did you have to look at X-rays or to comment on blood tests,...)?
    Cheers :D
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    Mcq medical questions

    :) Hi i would be very thanksfull if i can have the mcq medical questions :i m sitting for the first time the AMC email adress is
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    best of luck to all!

    Passed stations:

    Bed wetting(Paed)
    benzodiazepine dependency
    chest infection(O&G)
    Excess alcohol comsumption
    Febrile convulsion(Paed)
    Feeling pins and needles in hand
    headache (acute)
    Leg cramps on exercise
    pain in chest, back & shoulder
    pain relief in labour-advice(O&G)

    failed stations:

    Intermenstrual bleeding (O&G)
    neck swelling
    obesity B (procedural)

    Get prepared your best before exam...then leave it as it luck...we all need it in exam!!!!!

    Good Luck To all!
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    plis kmthu

    Hi Kmthu

    Could you please kindly tell me how you answered the following stations?
    1. delirium
    2. dizziness
    3. benzodiazepene dependency
    4. bed wetting.

    These are the stations I failed. I didn't get the feedback breakdown on my failed stations and I'd like to have general idea of what mistakes I did in the exam.

    Hope you would kindly answer me.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you :p

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