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    Sydney RE-TEST Examination on 09/03/2007

    1/ A 25 years’ old girl complained of having burning sensation on passing urine over the past 3 days. She had the same episode 2 years ago.
    TASK : Hx/ask examiner Ix/ Rx/ Write down a script of AB/ What are the issues of this case

    2/ A 20 years’ old student come to seek advice from you relating to his anterior dislocation of the right shoulder. It happened 6 months ago while he had been playing basket ball and has been treated successfully. Now, he is very keen to come back to play it.

    TASK : Focused examination of the right shoulder/ Report to the examiner/ Answer the examiner’s questions : Which nerve is affected in this case?/ Talk to the patient about its recurrence and how to prevent it.

    3/ A 30 years’ old lady presented with pain and numbness of the right
    hand, particularly during the night and those symptoms are relieved when she shakes that hand.
    TASK : Focused examination of her right hand/ Report to the examiner/ Dx and DDx/ Talk to the patient Rx

    4/A 65 years’ old man has right leg pain for a couple of months. It occurred when he walked a distance of about 100 meters and he felt relieved if having a rest.
    TASK : Hx/ Ask examiner Ex/ Talk to the patient Rx

    5/ A 35 years old man come to see you for the result of the Endoscopy of the upper GItract ( picture of Duodenal ulcer provided )
    TASK : Explain to the patient about his condition – Is it K ?/ Ask more Hx about the contributing factors / Rx

    6/ A 65 years’ old lady complained about her neighbours to talk bad things about her. She has a past history of Schizophrenia but stopped taking the antipsychotic 2 years ago.
    TASK : Do MSEx and report to the examiner/ Dx and DDx

    7An 8 years’ old girl has fever ( 38.5C ) over the past 3 days and complained of having sore throat and difficulty of swallowing. Today, there appeared the pinkish rash throughout the body. She has 2 younger brothers at home.
    TASK : Talk to her mother Dx and Rx.
    8/ Request of induction of labour ( 36 weeks ). TASK: Your opinion ?
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    thank you Dr Della
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    Thanks it was quite handy, good luck :)
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    :p Thank you
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    hi.thank you for those Q's.but could u pls also write as to how you answered these Q's ?
    that'll be a big help..
    tahnx alot.

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