T (CD41) lymphocytes

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    The patient described also has an elevation of many immunomodulating and inflammatory regulations. In order to activate helper/inducer T (CD41) lymphocytes, macrophages release
    a- Interleukin 1
    b- Interleukin 2
    c- Interleukin 3
    d- Interleukin 4
    e- Interferon
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    Answer: a. (Greenfield, 2/e, pp 114-115) Interleukin 1 (IL-1) is a thymocyte mitogens produced by activated macrophages as well as many other types of cells (e.g. monocytes, Dendritic cells, Langerhans cells, neutrophils, microglial cells). It induces interleukin 2 production by the helper T cell, which initiates a cascade of immunoregulatory and inflammatory functions.

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