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    CREST is related to:
    Systemic Scleroderma
    Local Scleroderma
    Buerger disease

    9 years lady with 32 weeks POG develops malar rash (cheeks and nose). Most probable diagnose would be:
    Anaphylactic reaction to a drug

    Rosary sign seen in:
    Kawasaki dsease
    Takayasy arteritis
    wegener's granulomatosis

    CREST related to Local scleroderma
    Rosary sign seen is PAN. For DES, corkscrew eosophagus is charecteristic on x-ray.
    Malar rash is seen normally in Melasma(Chloasma). If female is not pregnant then its scleroderma ( raised ESR, ANA positive and anti-centromere antibody positive). For systemic scleroderma, anti-topoisomerase is positive along with ANA and increased ESR

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