Task 2 Writing Difference Between Academic and G.T Module

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    HI Friends,

    Any body tell me about Task 2 writing module, whats the difference between General Traing and Academic Module. I will be very thankful to you.

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    There is no difference in Task 2. It is only task 1 that is different between the General and Academic IELTS. The same examiners will mark both styles of writing.
    Good luck in th exam.
    Mike MacDermott
    IELTS 2 U
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    If there was no difference between the two, they wouldn't bother to give different topics to academic and general candidates sitting for ielts at same time and place.

    These are some of the differences.

    Academic Task 2 is intended to give candidates the opportunity to show how well they can write formal, academic English of the kind they
    will be expected to submit to academic teachers on tertiary education courses. The questions require candidates to formulate and
    develop an argument and to show a degree of personal response. It is not possible to specify here what the content of an answer
    should be. However, it can be said that the candidate's argument should be persuasive and consistent, with evidence or examples to
    substantiate it.

    In General Task 2, ideas will be more
    practical and concrete than those used for the relatively abstract arguments required for Task 2 in the Academic Modules.
    Examples will need to be relevant and illustrative, but not quite the same as the evidence required to substantiate an academic
    theory or argument.
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    HI G U E S T,

    Thanks for your reply, now I understand. can you plz give me more detail about G.T Taks 2, how I can able to collect Ideas. and from where I can get the topics of G.T Module Topics.


    Lucky :)
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    I can find lots of old topics for gt2 on this forum. I suggest you find and visit a very good website called writer(s)fix. I can't post the exact link as it will surely be deleted. Just use Google.

    Your ideas should be based on your personal knowledge and experience. Very practical. When you give an arguement, make sure ou explain the idea and give some evidence. Look at your writing from the communicative angle. Do you have a clear position? Would an average reader understand your point of view? A 50-50 opinion is still valid, and it's not important whether the reader agrees with you or not. It is all about how you tackle and handle your topic. Your task is not to win an argument, but to get the band that you want by showing your strong sides and carefully hiding your weakest.

    For practice you can actually use even academic task 2 topics. Practise the following

    1. timed brainstorming
    2. timed planning
    3. always leav at leats five minutes for checking.
    4. make sure you use paragraphs
    5. your arguments must naturally lead to your conclusions

    You don't have to say what you really think about the issue. Nobody really cares if what you have written is what you actually think.

    Hope this helps.
  6. I don't think so

    I really don't think there is a difference between General and Academic Task 2. All the examiners here agree that it is the same kind of task. The only difference would be seen with a native speaker, but even then, it would depend on the person. This is the reason that IELTS books always state that General Task 2 practice is also suitable for Academic Task 2 training. Similarly, preparing for Academic IELTS is fine for General Task 2, but the style in Writing Task 1 has to be taught.
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    If you're an examiner, read carefully your updated and confidential Writing Asessment Guide. It should tell you exactly what the difference between the two is.


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