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    What you need to know about the MCQ and Clinical exam.
    Information from the exam specification book by AMC

    The AMC MCQ Exam is a computer administered, integrated examination over a total of 6 hours, consisting of 250 questions, divided into a morning and afternoon session of 125 question per session. It is conducted 5 times a year, in centers within Australia only. Dates for the exam and fees can be found at the AMC's website.

    The MCQ exam covers a range of conditions in the disciplines of:

    Medicine 65 questions
    Surgery 50 questions
    Pediatrics 35 questions
    Obstetrics and Gynecology 30 questions
    Psychiatry 20 questions

    Of which only 200 is scored, and 50 is not scored.
    The non-scored questions will test and calibrate new questions, which may be used in future exams, but will not be counted towards the overall score for the candidate.
    Of the 200 scored questions, 60 questions are called mastery questions dealing with conditions and issues critical to the safety or outcome of the patient and those which are important in an Australian setting. These are identified by an asterisk.

    Candidates will also require the knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical features, investigative findings, differential diagnosis, management and treatment. Some questions will require basic knowledge while others will test a candidates ability to distinguish between correct diagnosis and differentials. Questions contain clinical scenarios, some with ECGs, Xrays, CTScans, MRI's and other clinical photographs. Books recommended includes the Annotated Multiple Choice Question and the Anthology of Medical Conditions.
    The MCQ exam have questions with Type A format, meaning one correct response in 5 choices. One has to choose the BEST answer.
    Questions not attempted will not count against the examinee, and marks will not be deducted for incorrect answers. So, try answering everything!!! Just an advice, don't stay too long on a question cause you might not have enough time for the rest of the questions. If you're not confident of your answer or cannot take a guess, leave it first, but do put a mark on your scratch paper (given to you during the exam) and make sure you'll go back to it once you're done answering the rest. Time is ticking, so divide your time between the questions!!!

    Candidates are required to obtain a pass standard in the MCQ exam in order to proceed to the Clinical exam. The MCQ examination operates as a pass/fail exam with pass mark set at the level of knowledge required by Australian Medical schools for their final year graduates. Advanced statistical methods are used to equate the raw score by separate derived measures of the candidate's ability and item difficulty to a standard scale. The 200 scored items and the 60 mastery items are scored and converted to the AMC scale. For the 200 scored items, the pass mark is set at 250 on the AMC scale, and for the mastery (two thirds of the mastery questions) is at 300 on the AMC scale. To pass, you have to satisfy both criteria!!!!

    During application, you will be given a unique AMC reference number when you are determined to be eligible to take the exam. This reference number will assist in the processing of results and minimize the possibilty of error. Results will generally be available one month after the exam.

    Now for the clinical exam. You have to meet the pass standard before being eligible to proceed to the clinical exam.
    This exam requires the candidate to dmeonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of disease processes across a broad range of disciplines and how these produce deviation from the normal.

    A candidate has to be familiar with the concepts of disease processes, able to discuss mechanisms of the conditions, and be familiar with the indications or adverse effects of therapeutic agents. These factors, of course should apply to the Australian community.

    The clinical exam consist of multistation structural clinical assessment of clinical skills. It is conducted in 4 separate series per year on specific saturdays in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. Closing dates of exams and fees may be found at the AMC's website.

    Candidates applying for the clinical exam may be given a clinical position after application for placement. However, the AMC cannot guaratee to place an applicant in his/her preferred center although it will endeavor to do so wherever possible. Books for this exam, according to those who have taken it are:

    General Practice - John Murtagh
    Clinical Examination - Talley, O'Connor
    Patient Education - John Murtagh

    Scheduling for the clinical exam will be on a priority basis:
    First attempt candidates will have priority over repeat attempt candidates
    Time since MCQ will be taken into consideration
    Candidates will be ranked in order of merit based on overall MCQ exam
    Candidates with fewer attempts will have priority over those with higher number of attempts.

    Candidates are scheduled for a single morning or afternoon examination, which takes around 3 or 4 hours. There will be 20 stations, of which 16 is scored + 4 rest stations. The exam includes 3 Obstetrics/Gynecology and 3 pediatrics stations. Some may be unobserved, others may be link to other stations. You are generally given 8 minutes per station plus 2 minutes for changing of stations. Stations may have actual or role-playing patients.

    Clear pass means obtaining a pass score in 12 or more stations including at least one pass in OB/GYN, and at least one in Pediatrics.
    Marginal performance means a pass in 10 or 11 stations. You have to take a re-test consisting of 10 stations (8 scored and 2 rest), of which you need to pass at least 6 of them. If you get less than 6 stations in this re-test, you will be given a fail mark.
    Clear fail means passing in 9 or less stations or fails in all three OB/GYN or fails in all three Pediatrics station.

    That's about it, I hope this will able to give you a view of the examinations.
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    Well done Jane!

    This is the clearest expose on the nature of the examination so far.


    "Of which only 200 is scored, and 50 is not scored.
    The non-scored questions will test and calibrate new questions, which may be used in future exams, but will not be counted towards the overall score for the candidate. "

    If the 50 questions are not marked, would that breach one of the various acts regarding deception or, an intent to deceive without informed consent - and, especially if the presence of non scored questions is not announced in writing up front and the consent of the candidate not obtained?

    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
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    all candidates are informed about these 50 questions both in writing n verbally so if u are giving the exam inspite of knowing this does it not imply consent. by the way whts wrong in the method they are following its just to help improve the future exams.the same system is followed in usmle, so pls dont make an issue when there isnt one.
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    "all candidates are informed about these 50 questions both in writing n verbally so if u are giving the exam inspite of knowing this does it not imply consent. by the way whts wrong in the method they are following its just to help improve the future exams.the same system is followed in usmle, so pls dont make an issue when there isnt one."

    Thanks Priti for clarifying. I have not taken the AMC exam and do not intend to. If this is done, I will state that implied consent would have have been obtained.

    I would suggest that it is wrong in the eyes of Western standards for anyone esp Asian to be made to play along according to non transparent rules and small things like these SHOULD BE made an issue as this is tantamount to the application of double standards.

    They do for 'communication issues' (eg see Para's postings)

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    The Bias Breakdown
    Asians and Blacks Lead in Perceived Discrimination at Work

    By Amy Joyce
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, December 9, 2005; Page D01

    Fifteen percent of all workers say they have been discriminated against in their workplace during the past year, according to a new Gallup Organization poll.

    The survey was conducted to discover workers' perceptions of discrimination in their workplaces during a year that marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC's chairwoman, Cari M. Dominguez, said the information will help the agency compare employee perceptions of discrimination with complaints actually filed with the agency.

    Cheryl Chappel, right, administrative senior at the Mira Mesa, Calif., Best Buy, and former Best Buy employee Jasmen Holloway, of Vallejo, Calif., talk about alleged employment discrimination during a news conference in San Francisco. (By Eric Risberg -- Associated Press) talk
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    For example, 31 percent of Asians surveyed reported incidents of discrimination, the largest percentage of any racial or ethnic group, with African Americans the second-largest group at 26 percent. But Asians generally file fewer discrimination complaints than other groups, according to the EEOC.

    "We need to go back and track . . . what are the differences" between people's perception of discrimination and the actual filings, Dominguez said. "Then we can do a better job of outreach."

    The survey was reported on the day Best Buy Co., the nation's largest electronics retailer, was sued by six current and former employees who claim they were passed over for promotions and raises based on their sex, race and ethnicity, and when the EEOC filed a class-action lawsuit in Chicago against AutoNation Inc., alleging that the auto retailer subjected employees at its Elmhurst, Ill., Kia dealership to racial, national origin and religious harassment.

    The EEOC suit was based on a complaint of discrimination filed by Halit Macit, a former sales associate with AutoNation, who said he was routinely harassed by a manager based on his Muslim religion and Turkish national origin.

    The EEOC's investigation also concluded that other nonwhite employees were harassed at the dealership and threatened that if they complained about the harassment, they would be fired. AutoNation sold the dealership to the Napleton Fleet Group, which was not named in the lawsuit, according to the EEOC.

    "The company has cooperated with the EEOC's investigation of the allegations, but has not yet seen the EEOC's complaint. Therefore, we cannot address any of the specific allegations," Marc Cannon, AutoNation's vice president of corporate communications, said in an e-mail. "AutoNation is proud of its diverse workforce. The company is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment."

    "Our investigation found that AutoNation's management allowed rampant bigotry in the workplace, with Macit being called various anti-Arab epithets and being told that Muslims 'should die,' " John P. Rowe, the EEOC's Chicago district director, said in a written statement. "African Americans, Hispanics and Indians were openly referred to by all of the all too well-known and ugly racial slurs. This is unacceptable at any workplace, and employers need to take forceful and effective action to stop it."

    Age of Complainants
    Percentage of people who said they experienced workplace discrimination:

    Age Percentage
    18-29 11%
    30-39 15%
    40-49 18%
    50-59 17%
    60+ 11%

    SOURCE: Gallup Organization survey based on interviews with 1,252 adults; margin of error plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    The number of complaints of religious discrimination involving Muslims has doubled since Sept. 11, 2001. "They don't seem to be going away and I suppose with everything that continues to go on in the Middle East and with the war in Iraq, that kind of thinking remains in the forefront of some people's consciousness," said John C. Hendrickson, an EEOC regional attorney in Chicago.

    According to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Best Buy, female employees were told they could not be on the sales floor because "girls can't sell" and African American men were disproportionately given jobs in the warehouse, rather than higher-paying jobs in sales. The complaint seeks class-action status so that thousands of workers at the major retailer can be a part of the suit.

    "Best Buy reserves the most desirable job assignments and positions -- and the sales experience necessary to achieve them and advance in the Company -- for white male employees. Best Buy's predominantly white male sales employees are better paid and receive greater opportunities for advancement than Best Buy's female and minority employees who overwhelmingly are segregated in the lowest paying positions with the least chance of advancement," according to the suit, filed in San Francisco.

    Nationwide, more than 80 percent of Best Buy store managers are white men, while fewer than 10 percent are women, and fewer than 10 percent are African American or Latino, according to plaintiffs' attorneys.

    "We have seen the [plaintiffs' attorneys'] press release and vigorously deny the discrimination claims described in that release. The behaviors that are alleged in the press release are absolutely inconsistent with our policies, values and cultures," said a Best Buy spokeswoman. "We do not tolerate discriminatory practices."

    The suit adds to a wave of high-profile, class-action lawsuits and settlements during the past two years involving large employers.

    In July 2004, investment bank Morgan Stanley agreed to pay $54 million to settle claims that it underpaid and did not promote women. A few days later, aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. agreed to pay up to $72.5 million to settle similar allegations. That same month, a group of black employees sued Eastman Kodak Co. accusing the company of systemic race discrimination, and an Alabama judge held a hearing on an ongoing race discrimination case against BellSouth Corp. In June last year, a federal judge ruled that a sex discrimination case against Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the nation's largest retailer, could proceed as a class action involving as many as 1.6 million women. The company is hoping to have its class-action status thrown out on appeal.

    The Gallup poll found that the most frequent type of discrimination cited by respondents reporting bias (26 percent) was sex bias, followed by race (23 percent) and age (17 percent). Women were more than twice as likely as men to say they had encountered bias. Some types of discrimination reported in the poll are not clearly covered by federal law, including favoritism, sexual orientation and language. The percentage of workers reporting types of bias covered by federal statutes was 9 percent. Gallup conducted telephone interviews with 1,252 adults during two days in May. The poll's margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    The most frequent reports of discrimination were in promotion decisions (33 percent of those claiming bias) and pay (29 percent). But workers interviewed during the poll also reported bias manifested in harassment, work conditions and assignments.
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    are there jobs in oz after clearing the amc exams
    i do not have oz citizenship or PR
    scared of taking these exams after the plab fraud
  8. Not New

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    Do not waste your time!

    Everything in life is a gamble these days: the important thing is that you need to be true to yourself and others and remain steadfast. You may fall en route but, you will get there. The scenario in Australia is more a moving target which grows and diminishes and which anyone can take a pot shot at.

    As it had been previously said, do not hold the slave mentality; do not give permission to people to mistreat you and do not compromise when more than one set of rules are applied to two different groups.


    Not New
  9. Guest

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    i think i'll give it a slip
    got a few money left,all the remaining of my parents life long earnings are in gmc account in uk hope for doctors in this century....too too too maany docs around
  10. Guest

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    You mean 2 sets of rules

    "As it had been previously said, do not hold the slave mentality; do not give permission to people to mistreat you and do not compromise when more than one set of rules are applied to two different groups. "

    I think you really meant 2 sets of rules applied to 2 or more different groups: eg. the non Anglo Celtic -Caucasians, the Non Caucasian lighter coloured skin individuals and the Non Caucasian darker skin individuals

    Have a better 2006 everyone: the challenge is just starting as the embarassments are slowly being revealed!

    But, in additional to perceived racial discrimination, I believe it is very important that we also realise that the human cruelty should not be underestimated and this applies to EVERYONE! The issue then is that why should OTDs be legally and publicly made very vulnerable to this type of cruelty and potential abuse?

  11. Guest

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    Hello! Myself is Vishal, Final yr student in GMC Jammu,INDIA. I ll be completing my internship in nov. 2007.Can u plz tell me abt the chances of getting postgraduation n fellowship in ones likable branches like surgery after clearing AMC Exam? can we enter into practice there or get a job afterwards? Whats the prospects of Indian doctors in that country? How to proceed on for AMC now n after internship? Plz Help!!!! :roll:
  12. dr.dea

    dr.dea Guest

    info plz

    if any passes MRCP 1 ,,, happens to go and settle in australia ,, wuld he /she be eligible to complete the MRCP training in australia ,, as MRCP uk have exam centres in different part of the world ,,?
  13. darling

    darling Guest


    hi, I just finished my internship..Hope to train or work in australia.I am a Filipina.How can I apply there in Australia?Do i need to take the AMC?Please anyone tell me what to do... :D
  14. juhi458

    juhi458 Guest

    amc exam

    hi everyone...can anyone here pls tell me is house job necessary for the AMC exam? i m asking for both mcq n clinical part? is it thier requirement?
  15. sehrish

    sehrish Guest

    HI Juhi,

    I think you must ask the authorities, as a very few doctors may be knowing if housejob is necessary or not,

  16. Dr.Suhas

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    can u pls let me know
    what documents-academic transcripts
    need to be submitted during application
    process for the AMC Exam
  17. Guest

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    hi i m dr naureen recently came to newzealand after getting married.can u help me regarding books for AMC part 1 and r two books annotated MCQS and anthology of medicine enough to pass exam thnx

    Well, there is a change to the AMC pattern now.
    There are 300 questions and total time of 7 hours for the exam[in 2 parts].
  19. Guest

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    You have really presented the details in a very clear way, and this is of great help to me along with many others who are preparing for the exam, really for the information...
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello every one.........can anyone plz guide me about the amc exam...i m new to this and i wanna know all details as to what r the essential criteria???what all to study???how to fill up the form?????plz do guide me.............
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  22. Guest

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    The post is written in very a good manner and it entails many useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post
  23. Priy

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    Do your homework u wil make it.people are discriminated at every step at every place rise above discrimination. Losers complain about it more than winners
  24. payamfarjami

    payamfarjami Guest

    hi. i,m an Iranian graduate as a MD in the Philippines and i would like to take AMC MCQ and work in Australia. my question is without registration in my country as a Doctor i eligible to work there? and what is the steps. thank you for guiding me

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