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    The International Fellowship programme

    The Department of Health in England is offering qualified medical specialists with fluent English from outside the United Kingdom (UK) opportunities to undertake two-year fellowships, working as consultants in the National Health Service (NHS).

    Fellowships are offered in the following medical specialties:

    * Acute Medicine
    * Anaesthesia
    * Clinical Oncology (therapeutic radiation oncology/radiotherapy)
    * Clinical Radiology
    * Dermatology
    * Emergency Medicine
    * Histopathology
    * Psychiatry
    * Thoracic Surgery

    This is an exciting opportunity to live and work in England for up to two years and to experience clinical practice in a unique, public funded service. An attractive relocation package is available to compensate successful candidates for taking time out of their home careers and working abroad.

    Applications details are here:
  2. fellowship in ent

    Hello Respected sir /Madam
    Greetings from USA. I’m a 32-year-old male who has done postgarduation in OTOLARYNGOLOGY from India, worked in Department of Otolaryngology; at one of the country’s leading academic institutions called Bangalore Medical College and associated hospitals, India.
    Being a developing country, with a large population of underprivileged and economically weaker section, we are faced with a huge prevalence of ear diseases which flock to free Government Owned Institutions like ours.
    My major field of interest is primarily Otology and laryngology. In spite of tremendous patient in put, the clinical material available for surgical training & the research facilities here are limited and I would consider it an honor and my privilege to visit your institution for 2 year fellowship so to be able to implement my learning for a better future here.Hoping for your early respone.
    Warm Regards,
    Dr Ramesh Hanumanthaiah
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    Dear Otolaryngologist

    Stay in your country ....... as all these posts from MoH in the UK is misleading and its for local use ....

    Don't be deceived by these colourful adverts in the media

    You may an excellent surgeons in your country and already settled with 10 children, so don't spoil your career by risking all what you have built by coming to this country........ and please dont insult your country....... be proud of yourself and your fellow citizen...

    your letter was perfect from language wise, but isn't nice at all


    Lord warner
    Secretary of Health[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. protest

    Dear friend,

    Are you an Overseas Doctor working in UK or currently in UK, but unemployed?

    If yes, this could be the most important mail you have ever received.
    Please read this mail in full - Very important information enclosed.

    What is happening?

    From April 2006, two things, which affect you, are going to happen:

    Permit free training for overseas doctors is ending.
    Equal Opportunities policy will no longer apply for doctor's job selection. This means that Trusts will employ UK/EU doctors in preference to overseas graduates irrespective of qualifications and irrespective of visa status.

    Trusts have already started recruitment with the new policy with the explicit statement: " UK/EU candidates will be given preference over non-EU overseas graduates" (eg:

    Why is this a problem?

    This was announced without any Consultation or grace period. This has significant implications for overseas doctors at all levels of training. They will find that after years of serving the NHS, they are being thrown aside in job selection. There is no guarantee that they will continue to be employed in further posts. Many will have to relocate at short notice, causing disruption to career, finances and family life, not to mention training. This is shocking news to all of us who came here believing in the promise of Equal Opportunities.

    What are the implications?

    All Doctors: You will have to change your Visa status. There will be NO Equal Opportunities in job selection and your skills and qualifications will not matter.

    Those on HSMP, Permanent Residency etc will also be considered as "overseas doctors" for the purpose of job selection and will be considered only after UK/EU candidates.

    SHO: You may never complete your "training". For those who want only MRCP and not UK jobs, remember that most Royal Colleges want 2 years "approved training posts". If you don't get a job, your Work Permit will end and you will become an illegal resident from the next day. If you are currently unemployed, you will almost surely never get a job / "training".

    Registrars: You will require a separate work permit for each job in your rotation! And for those planning to specialise further, the door is shut firmly on your face. And you will never become a Consultant! (What you do after your SPR training is anybody's guess… Think of all the time you spent on learning "Consultant skills!) Isn't it gratifying to note that an EU candidate with no " UK experience " will be automatically considered over you for Consultant job selection, without regard for skills or experience?

    What can we do?

    The Time to Act is NOW.

    Don't postpone it to tomorrow or expect others to fight your battles. Overseas doctors associations including British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)are already gearing up to protest this unjust rule.

    · FORWARD this email to all overseas doctors in your address book NOW. Sadly many are still not aware of the dark future ahead.

    · KNOW more about this issue by visiting, a web site designed to promote the protest movement and containing updated information.

    · SIGN the online petition at this web site which is being submitted to the Secretary of State for Health

    · PARTICIPATE in the peaceful protest march to be held in London in April , being co-ordinated by Dr Satheesh Mathew, Consultant Paediatrician from London.(Date to be announced shortly, hundreds already committed)

    · DISCUSS these issues with your colleagues and ask them to sign the petition as well.

    · PARTICIPATE in the BMA Junior Doctors Conference at London and vote on the motions thereby deciding policy.. You don't have to be a BMA member. You will be reimbursed travel and hotel expenses by BMA . This is a golden chance to make your voice heard. Visit this link and REGISTER NOW. Registration is closing soon

    · BAPIO is also circulating a paper petition, which I am attaching to this mail. Download it, fill it at post it back to the address given.

    · Write letters to DOH,, Postgraduate Deaneries, BMA and various newspapers etc.

    · A legal challenge is in the pipeline, please keep yourself updated

    There is no time to lose. ACT now…

    Hoping to see you all in this fight against injustice.

    Dr Anjay Pillai

    Research Fellow, Paediatrics

    Airedale General Hospital

    Please visit for comprehensive information on this issue,updated daily.

    Forward this mail NOW to every overseas doctor in your address book.
    This is not a junk/spam mail. These issues might change your life forever.

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