The most common cause of Maternal Mortality in India is:

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    The most common cause of Maternal Mortality in India is:

    a- Obstetric hemorrhage
    b- Anemia
    c- Abortion / Septicemia
    d- Obstructed labour
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    Ans: A.
    Ref: Park 18th p-414 fig 9

    • The major causes of maternal death in India in 1998 (as per the Annual Report 2001 to 2002 of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India) are
    - Hemorrhage - 29%
    - Anemia - 19%
    - Sepsis - 16%
    - Obstructed Labour - 10%
    - Abortion - 09%
    - Toxemia - 08%
    - Others - 09%

    • Please note that Severe Bleeding causes 25 % (one fourth) of all maternal deaths world wide

    Since time immemorial, Post Partum Hemorrhage had been such as a dreaded disease. Even the emperor of India could not save his wife Arjuman Banu Beham from dying due to post partum hemorrhage giving birth to her 14th child on 7th June 1631 at Ahmed nagar. Hope you all recognize the Emperor.
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    Just Remember AEIOU For MMR


    just Remember simple Mnemonics......... AEIOU for memorising causes of Maternal Mortality in india.....

    A- Abortion
    E- Eclampsia
    I- Infection
    O- Obstructed labour
    U- Uterine Hemorrhage

    Imran Ratnani

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