Theme: Investigation of breast disease

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    A. FNAC
    B. Mammography
    C. Ultrasound
    D. BRCA- 1 &2
    E. Triple examination(palpation, scan, cytology)
    F. Reassurance
    G. Antibiotics
    H. Incision and drainage
    Instructions: For each patient described below, choose the single most appropriate
    investigation from the above list o f options. Each option may be used once, more than once,
    or not at all.

    78. A 55 year old woman presents with a two month history of a lump in her right breast. On
    examination there is a firm, irregular lump in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast; in
    addition, there are small, palpable mobile nodes in the right axilla.
    79. A 20 year old female student presents to the breast clinic having noticed lumps in the left
    breast, which has been painful pre-menstrual. 80. A 75 year old woman presents to the breast clinic having noticed that she has had a blood
    stained discharge from the left nipple, together with 'dry skin' over the left areola. On
    examination there was a blood stained discharge with dry, flaky skin noted on the left areola.
    The nipple was noted to be ulcerated.
    81. A patient who has no complaints but the radiologist found some calcification in the left
    breast on the Chest x-rays.

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