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    HI ALL,
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    pg frm where?

    assalamolekum to all.i m indian as medical intern frm china.i want to know in which countries i can do my pg without giving entrance n at cheapest level n i can get good money thr after my pg as doc thr?plz reply in detail.thnx u very much.allah hafiz.
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    Hi buddies,
    Is it true that registration from medical council can only be given after passing AMC MCQ and clinical exams? In one of the letter from AMC to me, it is stated that:
    I know that there are many doctors who work in Oz with AMC (MCQ) and IELTS (individua 7), still waiting for AMC Clinical exam date.

    If we cannot apply registration until we passed both MCQ and clinical exams, it means that we cannot work until we pass clinical. I was quite confusing.

    Is the regulations changed? I go through AMC but do not see such kind of new regulation.

    Thanks and best wishes,
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    well getting a job to work as a doctor and getting full registration are two different things. one can find a job after clearing amc mcq exam but the chances are less. they give preference to ppl having PR then it also depends upon your working experience whether it matches with the job you are applying for or not. if you get full registration and amc gives you a certificate then you wont depend upon any hospital you can work anywhere within that state and u can even apply for internship.
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    Hi every body,
    my advise to you gys it doest worth going to australia,I lived in this country for 15 yeares,passed the AMC and royal college exames,but I left this country 2 yeares ago for ever,you will loose more than you will gain.
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    hello i am a dentist, i've passed from gujarat university , india.. i wish to know your opinions about the scopes and opportunities for the dentists in australia..
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    IMG - Internation Medical Graduate
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    Hi everyone..

    Very useful information.. and that's exactly the fact of being an OTD here in OZ. I've been wondering, is there an OTD/IGM committe or organisation or something like that? Because I think we should have an organisation as a representative of IGM to fight for our future.

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    Oops, sorry.. I mean IGM not IMG :D
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    Dear Lupus,

    The problem is that there is no unity. People can be bought by Colleges or hospitals to be the mouthpiece of vilification, discrimination and bullying. I have yet to meet more the true grit IMG advocate....there is too much to lose for standing up for the rights of OTDs.

    The only people who may do it are those who have left and do not intend to return to work (for whatever reason) - but, you will need to convince them


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    i'm a srilankan medical graduate. i want to shift to australia. where can i take the AMC exam without entering into australia.
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    Hospitals 'fudging' figures

    The Age

    * Julia Medew
    * December 27, 2008

    A MELBOURNE doctor has blown the whistle on data fraud in Victorian hospitals, claiming staff routinely fudge patient figures to meet Government benchmarks for bonus payments.

    Andrew Buck, a senior emergency registrar with a decade's experience in the state health system, made the allegations in a submission to a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into hospital performance data earlier this month.

    Dr Buck said senior doctors and nurses were "shifting numbers" to make it look like hospitals were meeting targets for funding and put pressure on junior staff to follow suit.

    "I am regularly ordered to 'admit the patient to short stay (unit) so they don't blow their time'. This is against DHS (Department of Human Services) policy yet is routine practice in my day-to-day work, and I do it under direct orders from senior medical and nursing staff," he says in the submission.

    The revelation comes after a survey of 19 Victorian emergency department directors by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine found nearly 40 per cent of them were "admitting" patients to "short stay" and other units on computer systems when they were languishing in emergency waiting rooms or on trolleys.

    The doctors, who remained anonymous for fear of repercussions, said the "virtual wards" were used purely for "creative accounting" to receive funding and avoid "performance watch".

    Public hospitals get bonuses for reaching State Government benchmarks, including one which requires that 80 per cent of patients be admitted within eight hours of arrival. Studies have shown that patient care is compromised by spending long periods of time in emergency departments.

    When The Age published details of the survey in May, Health Minister Daniel Andrews said he would look into the doctors' claims, but then refused to launch an investigation.

    He said there was no evidence to suggest the alleged practices were happening.

    In September, the DHS warned hospitals to submit accurate data. As well, earlier this month the Auditor-General's office confirmed an investigation into the allegations.

    Dr Buck said in his submission that Government benchmarks had created "perverse incentives" that put unnecessary pressure on overworked doctors in emergency departments.

    He expressed anger at Mr Andrews' refusal to act on the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine survey and said a "culture of fear" prevented doctors from talking about the real state of the health system.

    "If he won't accept hard data and admissions of guilt by emergency department directors, what hope have we got and why should I give a stuff about making the numbers look good?" he says.

    Dr Buck's submission could affect the new health-care agreements between the Commonwealth and state and territory governments after federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon said in August that any evidence of fudged patient data would be of serious concern.

    A spokesman for Mr Andrews said this week he did not know if the minister had seen Dr Buck's submission but "anyone with an issue should raise it through the proper channels and it will be dealt with".

    Opposition health spokeswoman Helen Shardey said Dr Buck's submission was a "cry for help" that could not be ignored.


    Hey chaps! Do you think as OTDs you will be able to duck the crossfire. I would suggest that you will be first in the firing line and get blamed for the mess and corruption bureaucrats are scheming. It has already happened in NSW and the lid is blowing in Vic
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    Discouraging these reports may be - but they represent the truth. No one can deny that: you have to make an informed choice whether you wish to come to Australia as a doctor.

    I must add that it is not difficult to come to Oz as a criminal - in fact, it is a requirement ;-)


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    I'll meet victim's family: minister

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Last goodbye … John Haywood and son Johnny at yesterday's funeral for Marie Haywood.

    January 4, 2009

    HEALTH Minister John Della Bosca has offered to meet the grieving husband of a woman who died after minor surgery at Campbelltown Hospital.

    Marie Haywood, 43, mother of Jonathon, 15, was on the waiting list for a liver transplant when she had what was supposed to be routine surgery to remove fluid from her stomach on Christmas Eve.

    She was discharged on Boxing Day after contracting pneumonia in hospital, with staff reportedly telling her she would have a better chance of recovery at home.

    Her death is being investigated by the hospital, in conjunction with the South West Sydney Area Health Service and the coroner.

    Mr Della Bosca's spokesman said Mrs Haywood's family could refer her death to the Health Care Complaints Commission, which last year received 2245 medical treatment complaints in NSW.

    The minister's office could make the referral if the family wished.

    Opposition health spokeswoman Jillian Skinner said an independent inquiry - perhaps by the commission - was needed to ensure accountability. It was not good enough to have the hospital investigating itself, she said.

    Yesterday, at Mrs Haywood's funeral in Leppington, family and friends heard how she had met and fallen in love with her future husband, John, while looking after him as he recovered from a broken arm.

    After the service, Mr Haywood said: "I'd like to make sure nobody gets sent home again … You send them to hospital healthy and they come home unhealthy.

    "Somebody must have noticed she was that sick to come home and die in 16 hours.

    "I've seen the X-rays now. She had pneumonia when she was sent home - they know that."

    Mr Haywood said his wife's excellent treatment in the intensive care unit where she died was in stark contrast to what she had experienced in the wards, three-quarters of which had been shut down for the holidays.

    "The people in the normal wards, they seem to be the ones who were overworked or underpaid or something," he said. "We're not running [our hospitals] with people, we're running them with accountants."

    Tomorrow, commission investigators will start interviewing Campbelltown Hospital clinical staff about another shocking case, revealed in The Sun-Herald.

    Rachel Hale fell from an operating table and had part of her intestine removed without her knowledge after being admitted on December 12 to have her appendix removed. She was told the surgery had been more extensive than expected because a "lump" had been detected but hospital insiders claim her bowel ruptured in the fall.

    Another complaint was aired last night, with the relatives of a woman in her 80s claiming she and at least 12 other patients had contracted bowel infections in the hospital.


    More of this type of incident will occur in many Australian hospitals. In the past, if an OTD were involved, there will be blame shifting. Now, after the Garling Report, there will be more scrutiny in a different way. Even the opposition spokeswoman Jillian Skinner is putting in her correct 2 cent's worth. Even the HCCC and NSW Medical board are not exempt from error and corruption.
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    Hey There !
    I'm 5th year student
    so it's about 2 or 3 years to get out of ma college n be graduated n abut this topic the year i will be graduated is the year of AUS self-sufficiency according to what was written !!
    I wanted to get the handbooks from ths time n start gettin information to get ready for the AMC MCQ exam as soon as possible when um finished wiz education here ! but this topic given that it's hopeless for me to do that as there will be no place for me anymore ! :shock:

    wht u think i can do .. change my idea abut Australia forever or start wht i was plannin to do hopin that it may work ..

    but i heard that australia self-sufficiency would be in the 2017 not 2012 ! wht's yr opinion abut that ??

    Thnx All Of You

    Dr. Ihab Ismael
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    Hey Guyz !
    I've asked someone close to me and he's working now in a hospital ion sydney and he said that there's great lack of residents and that 2012 is just the year that graduates from australiia would be doubled and to get the self-sufficiency it requires about 10:15 years from now so plz stop discouraging people n get a life :x
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    scope of usmle passed fmgs in austrailia????/
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    I've just completed my internship in Burma.
    I want to be a pathologist.
    Which pathway do I have to take to be a pathologist in Australia?
    RCPA allows to be a trainee if you're working in their accredited labs.
    If I pass the AMC exam, do I have a chance to be employed in those labs?
    They say I must have one year PG experience.
    Can somebody told me how to prepare?
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    Hi.Im a MD medicine from India having 2 yrs of post graduate experience.Im planning to write the AMC MCQ in may 2009.i want to ask that wat options do i have after having cleared /mcQ and ielts.wat job do i get in australia after that?
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    Hi all,

    This is a very nice forum and i got a lot of info on AUS.

    Im Doing my MS general Surgey in India. And planning to go to AUS via the specialist/ Specialist area of need Pathway after i finish it. Can anybody please put some info regarding:

    1. What post will i get when i go to AUS? Senior resident/ Staff specialist/ specialist/ consultant? What is the pay like?

    2. How difficult it is to get a surgery post?

    3. Is it better to do MCh here and then go to AUS? is there scope of doing super speciality there?

    4. Should i look for vacancy first or apply to AMC first? Where can i look for vacancy?

    Plase put in some info...Thanx in advance

    Hav a good day!
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    Dear Immigrant doc, Paracelcus, Galileo,
    Thanks for giving a very open "ground reality" of the happenings for doctors down under. I had posted a message with the title " Specialists for OZ" with a few queries which to a great extent have been answered through your discussion. I stumbled into this site seeing an old post of paracelcus of 05/07. Thanks guys. You are actually warning people before they fall in the ditch rather than waiting to help them after they fall. The "rosy" picture we have is soon brought under the "shears". God bless you for what you do.
    I also notice that there is fear running through you that makes you so cautious to even reveal your identity or email id fearing that "big brother"Aussie official is watching you in this forum.
    I guess I need to find all the good things of our own country ( inspite of the problems) and thank God for what we have here rather than grumble about what we don't. No amount of money or comfort or professional satisfaction can balance basic human dignity that all are equal creations of the same God, whether black or brown or white.
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    hi, i m final year medical student ,asian.after jus going throgh galelios story the issues about racism in aus hav strongly struk my mind......moreover forgeting about speciality in surgery and even eye has changd
    my views......but smehow the other i smelled that galelios coments were more towards not coming to aus...obviously he had a very smashd experience there dats y he showd negtve aspects more.....wel wil smbody clear it plz that what r da post graduate chances ther :cry: SO THAT UNDER GRADUATE STUENTS LIKE ME v our plans and thinking clear befre entering this system.......thanks in advance. hassan
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    I am disappointed after reading all the info on this website. I work as a GP in the UK and was planning to move to Australia for better quality of life and perhaps a bit of sunshine. As a Asian descent I am conscious of my skin colour but I have to say that in the UK after you integrate with the society, work racism is not a big issue. You may still come across some immature idiots on the street at odd times but not a common issue. Having read the reviews in this website makes me rethink of my dreams!!. As a GP in Australia's Area of Needs (not just Outbacks), my colleagues and friends had settled well in Australia but some of them are Whites, I admit. I wonder whether there is a balanced picture regarding the good things in Australia? Could anyone share thier achievements and satisfactions with life in Australia?
    Best wishes
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    I graduated 6 years ago,working in South Africa as a foreign graduate witg my family.The racism and xenophobia is so appalling.I am thinking of relocating with my family.They have created so many bottlenecks .My supervisor recently decided that there was no space for me on the call duty roaster2 months ago while other south african docs made extra bucks from calls.That meant a cut from an already strained salary.Iam actually fed up of working with people who are racist.pls help with information on getting a job in Australia before doing the AMC as I need financial liberation and will rather do the exams while workingas i cannot afford it now

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    concrning GPs

    Could you please tell me how many years gap from practice is acceptable for a GP job in Australia ?
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    I am visiting Oz temporarily and to attend a directions hearing in an unusual court case against a Medical Board....ordinarily it is them suing the doctor but yours truly is taking them to court.

    This will reveal the fraud involved from grassroots to College level but I am sure they will be keen on settling it as indicated by their barrister.

    I will post an update here once the case completes and my Medical Board file becomes kosher.

    Then, of course I will need to sue the State Government/Area Health service - they have already tried to offer a settlement through a Deed of Release (NEVER ACCEPT this sort of thing)

    This is the level of lies people in Oz are willing to stoop to in order to hinder or damage an OTD.

    Many just walk away falsely damaged without a chance to return.

    I have just succeeded in restoring a registration in another state and have been offered posts in different parts.

    I will turn down the 457 visa and only use a dependent visa (you can use your spouse's student or other visa and get half time work with no may negotiate for a 0.5 FTE paid job with 0.5 Hon and if things do not work out, you walk away without getting stranded, and you can look for another.

    The best thing is to get an Independent Permanent visa or an Employer Sponsorsed Nomination visa with no conditions.

    The only hindrance then is the Medical Registration, but if you have the AMC, it is more difficult for them to exploit you.


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    go for it... if u got what it takes, u ;ll make it

    hi everyone,
    why is it that u all keep discouraging ppl from coming to oz?
    well i dont understand ur motives but sound selfish to me. i would like to tell anyone who thinks that they have the potential n capacity to do it,go for it, for sure it wont be easy but as all medical system, this one just want to pick the best,anyway, no ever said medicine was easy, it is made difficult on purpose , u just have to know how to adapt n step up to the game. am sure u will make it if u got what it takes...
    good luck everyone
    hope u make it
    others have made it, so y not u????
    trust urself
    take care
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    All you people do is complain complian complain, for goodness' sake if you don't like it in Australia then either don't come here or if you are already here, leave, its that simple. Life is too short to spend all your time being so negative like you all seem to be ! Grow up !!
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    Hi everybody,
    I have been following this discussion.
    its right that no body is forcing any OTD to accept hardships and it is for a person to decide whether to take a plunge or not in a foreign medical
    but at the same time is it justified to impose practice restrictions like 10 yr moratarium on GP practice , once an OTD has cleared AMC and achieved full regisration. Is it not protectionism or they are afraid of the success of OTD'S. IT is a shame on the so called developed psyche of a developed nation.
    CHEERS m
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    Hi everybody,
    I have been following this discussion.
    its right that no body is forcing any OTD to accept hardships and it is for a person to decide whether to take a plunge or not in a foreign medical
    but at the same time is it justified to impose practice restrictions like 10 yr moratarium on GP practice , once an OTD has cleared AMC and achieved full regisration. Is it not protectionism or they are afraid of the success of OTD'S. IT is a shame on the so called developed psyche of a developed nation.
    CHEERS m
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    Developed Nation?

    Nah mate,

    Oz is a developing nation with a justice system which is immature at grassroots level. The Judges are of high quality and appear to be independent of the Executive. Separation of powers as per the Westminster system is certainly better than most Commonwealth countries except for Canada.

    It is in their interests to keep OTDs out of cities and in the rural areas where the chances of meeting racism, bullying and vilifciation are the highest and where the justice system may be least well developed.

    Good luck if you wish to keep trying. The 1997 regulations are laws and cannot be so easily undone.

    But again, if you met that Judge who is biased and not so learned, what do you think may happen?
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    I am an acquaintance of Galileo and I think he has won his case without having to go to Court. The Medical Board rescinded all the comments they had made about him in his file.

    This is justice but the cloud still hangs over his head for employment purposes.

    This shows that the medical board in question is willing to make illegal comments about an OTD without due regard - i.e. recklessness

    We hope that Galileo's cause will be the first one of not give up and remember Robert Kennedy's inspiring speech to the South Africans in 1966 during apartheid.

    "It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

    Let us encourage each other and for those downtrodden to have their grievances appropriately dealt with.

    May I suggest to the AIPPG editorial staff to consider putting up in this site a registry of grievances, separate from this forum? We can rope in some legal people to offer generic advice and tactics and make it difficult for the AMC people to infiltrate


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    Legal advise

    Hi, I am an OTD and want to make a complaint about an AON position I was recruited in. Would Galileo or someone please advise how to get justice in a country like Australia if you are the victim of discrimination?
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Please share with us your grievance - is it an administrative, medical, college or other complaint?

  36. Galileo is now called David

    Galileo took over 4 centuries to clear his name; I took 3 years to be given the keys to commence the process.

    This is going to be a major battle of David versus Goliath (i.e. the establishment)

    The battle will continue and I will now post as David.

    Please be encouraged and also look at the case of Dr Haneef for inspiration and as a yard stick of how the injustice system tends to prevail in Oz

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    Good on you!

    Fcuk the establishment especially NSW.....the AMA NSW is handling a large number legal cases just in case you are not aware. This is the tip of the iceberg of some really hard times for NSW Health
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    AMC exams

    amc is a tough exam.
    :lol: amcexams dot com :lol:
  39. Work in Australia

    Hello All,

    Never fear I am here,

    I currently aid Doctors from overseas to gain entry and work into Tasmania, Australia and the UK!

    There are plenty of jobs around and not enough qualified Doctors in all specialisms not just Psychiatry.

    Contact me at any time to find out more.....
    0044 2074696850

    I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you,

    Davina :D :wink:
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    davina darling, dont is truly a nightmare of bureaucracy which the uk is rapidly aping[/u]
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    Attacks on Indian students a 'problem'
    May 31, 2009 - 3:11PM

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Australia is doing everything it can to prevent further attacks on Indian students.

    There has been a spate of violent attacks on Indian students recently, including two stabbings in Melbourne last week.

    One victim is fighting for his life in hospital.

    The Indian media is deeply concerned about the attacks, and Indian authorities believe there is a racial element at work.

    "We have a particular current problem with Indian students," Mr Smith told Network Ten.

    "We're doing everything that we can, both with the Indian community in Australia and India itself ... but also working very closely with the relevant state authorities."

    Mr Smith said Australia was trying to bring the attackers to justice and ensure a safe environment for all international students.

    Australia generally had low crime and violence rates, he said.

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has spoken with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the problem.

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    yes i want to come in australia..but recent situation is quit bad..what to do i dont know..australia is my favourite one for to study further ..kindly give me suggestion..
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i want to know

    im OTD and looking for the choices as im a Palestinian immigrant .
    and i cant go to Canada nither USA for that resone guys.
    any one to get me the Advice and u all know Hamas and Palestine
    and im not attached to any terrorism orgnaization ,,,,

    so , coul galilio or nat advice me for somthing ?
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ho about paediatrics training.....i mean after passing mrcpch
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Absolutely no racism in India is there... nothing like north vs. south or a Caste system. Any one who has intergrated with Australians knows that there are ways to reduce the risk of personal attack. Protesting and acting like idiots and not respecting the Police is the way to loose support not gain it.
  46. abuzeyad

    abuzeyad Guest

    I have a dream ........................

    I dont no why some poeple intending to discourge others rather than encourging them ,
    what is written about the difficulties that the IMG or OVERSEAS Drs are facing in Australia is completely ''WRONG''
    We r prone to face a difficulty every where in the world but this does not mean to give up ,
    We should keep on trying till we make our dream true.
    dont be discourged by what others saying,
    belive in GOD , be confident , and no one stop u.

  47. Guest

    Guest Guest


    iv completed my MBBS in bangladesh.nw im planning to do amc.i havnt done my internship.
    i just started studying for amc will i b able to pass f i do the xam in this sep?
    ts only 50 days like................

    wthout intern f i get thru amc part 1 will i b able to work in aust any part f t b4 clinical xam?
    cz i heard iv to wait for few mths for t.

    will ib ablto get a internship?

    cz sumhow iv to migrate by the beginning f next year cz f my marriadge.
    really confused abt what to do............
  48. pommie jon

    pommie jon Guest

    10 year moratorium

    The 10 year moratorium was introduced in 1996, by invoking section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act, 1973.

    I believe that this is discriminatory and am seeking legal advice as to whether it contravenes the (Australian) Human Rights Act, 1975 - which, as a primae faci case it would seem to.

    It is essentially 'natural justice' that those of us who have passed the AMC exam should be regarded as equal to our peers. This is especially so if we have practised in Australia for some time and have Australian postgraduate qualifications. The fact that we may be citizens, but not quite as legitimate citizens as others is even more disturbing for an egalitarian society.

    The obvious discrimination against foreign doctors is laid bare by the fact that foreign students who attain the undergraduate medical degree in Australia, are also subject to the moratorium. This fact strips away the defence that it is all about location of undergraduate study.

    What do the other forum members think of exploring a challenge to the very validity of this section of federal law? NB: The overseas doctors in New Zealand overturned a very similar law, in a very similar health system in the late 1990s.
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your proposition is noble and the argument holds water but how are you going to watch your back? It is all about money at all levels.

    Look at cases like Paracelcus and Galileo as posted here: they had made it with their qualifications assessed but still cant find the right jobs. They were Australian recognised but jobless.

    Seriously, unless you want to see more infringement on human rights against non Ozzies, do not come to Oz to try your hand at medicine.

    It is a sad sad state for the profession with these systems in place. I for one even have full Rego in one state but chose not to practise in Oz. The National Healthcare Act remains unclear and is easily contradicted by changes in the 5 yearly Australian Healthcare Agreements: all like the concept of moving goalposts - kangaroo style - just like the many Ozzie courts 8)
  50. Human Rights Bill 2006

    Pommie Jon

    There is no Human Rights Act in any state in Australia as evident by the frequent abuses at many levels - in 2006 there was a Bill (search on Human Rights Bill in Google Australia) being debated but we dont know much more. I may be wrong however.

    That being so, there is no Act which is entrenched in the Federal (Commonwealth) constitution which prevails over any State Law in the Commonwealth of Australia.

    A Bill does not become an Act till it is debated, cleaned up and ratified by the Upper House and given assent by the Monarch's representative. This is how the law works.

    People only started waking up after what they saw with Dr Haneef. There are many more cases involving doctors below the iceberg tip.

    In the meantime, bureaucrats (and College officials) remain free to act as it pleases them!


    Pommie BasXXXX

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