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    Hi I wanted to write my experiences and suggestions after getting the result but then realised that I wont be able to write in detail or answer any question correctly as with time I am forgetting abt the cases I encountered.
    The exam was day before yesterday in Houston. Everything went well except the SP encounter part of the day. I was very nervous and was going blank. The first 3-4 cases I had no idea what they might have...especially one of them was a psychiatric condition and I even now do not know what his DDs might be. So I forgot to ask a lot of questions and I was smiling and as got nothing from the history it was difficult for me to write the patient note. Hmm briefly the first 4 cases are a mess. and after that I got the hang of it and was confident and for me it feels like I have done ok in the rest of them. But if I sit to recall and see how many mistakes I have done...believe me the number is huge. After every encounter when I sat down to write the PN I used to curse myself for not asking questions relevant to the case as one somehow tends to remember everything while writing PN. for one case I ran out of time , I had just done a few things in the physical and I had to tell him that I am being beeped. I know that sounds stupid , actually one of the examinees told me I should not have said so but then my response was spontaneous and I did not know what else to say. I am just hoping they dont fail me for these mistakes.There was no telephonic encounter ( I was lucky ). I felt 3-4 SPs were not very co-operative , the rest were. The rest of the SPs made me comfortable with them and so I was able to do be myself and try to do the best I can. Over all its an ok experience. Lets wat for 2 months ( which is difficult ).
    I think I will be in a position to give suggestions once my result is out and it says that I passed. But I will try to tell you what I think so far abt all this.
    Study UW and FA ( I had both but I studied mostly from UW ). I also feel that one should be really confident , dont pls even for a sec get nervous , its not worth it, it only reduces your capability to be your best in front of the SPs and you tend forget a lot of things and make simple small mistakes. Believe me dont get nervous .
    will post again when I get the result.
    GL to everyone. Happy studying.
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    Hi...I know I'm replying to this msg very late....but i just saw it and couldn't help feeling that this is exactly what happened to me on my CS day. I also took my exam on the 12th of july on the same day as you...and at Philadelphia. Where did you take yours??

    I got my result and obviously didn't make it.Failed in data gathering. The problem was that i was totally unprepared and overconfident after listening to all who had done the exam earlier, who told me it was a piece of cake. Am studying hard this time. We learn from every experience. I'm trying to be positive about my next attempt, though every time i think of the exam my heart starts hammering in my chest. I plan on doing my exam in October, but not in Philly, anywhere else.

    I've lost out on interview calls because all the programs know my failed score, and by the time my next result comes it will be december.

    For those who think the exam is simple, u'r right, it is...but only if u've studied and prepared adequately, not like my 3 day preparation.

    Am hoping for the best...

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