Urgent Announcement-DNB-SS Supplementary CET exam!

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  1. Wed 20th May, 2009

    Important notice for supplementary exam

    National Board of Examinations

    New Delhi


    Supplementary Examination for the candidates, who failed in the December, 2008. Theory Examination in the Superspecialty courses will be held on 11th and 12th July, 2009. Last date for applying will be intimated shortly.


    (Prof. K.M. Shyama Prasad)

    Hony. Executive Director


    All those to who this message may be important, please make a note of it immediately!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  2. docsandyy

    docsandyy Guest


    hello mam....

    the above mentioned supplement exam notice has been removed from the web-site... so its not clear what is its present status....
  3. docsandyy

    docsandyy Guest


    i have passed my theory in resp. med. & appeared for practicals...

    now, my practical result is witheld. the reason told by them is that my thesis is under process. i have submitted it in last yr. june & it is still under processing!

    they are not giving any more details about it on phone... & refusing to connect to higher authority...

    i dont understand what to do...

    can u help me??
  4. dr patel

    dr patel Guest

    DNB rheumatology

    hello asha mam , can i know which is the best institute for doing DNB rheumatology and is it worth to do rheumatology.
  5. DNB


    Hinduja hospital, Mumbai has a v.good Rheumatology Department which conducts DNB.I don't know about other places, but I am sure that there must be many good institutes.

    ASha Paidhungat.

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