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  1. DNB-CET

    Hello Harsha,

    DNB-CET is conducted twice a year, so apply only after getting Internship completion certificate, permanent registration from SMC & MBBS Degree certificate!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  2. dr.harsha

    dr.harsha Guest

    thank u mam...
    can you tell me the criteria we should look for, to select a seat in a particular hospital, specially radiology..,
    what hospitals do u suggest in hyderabad?
  3. DNB courses

    Hello Harsha,

    Hospitals which have the latest imaging techniques are good, as you'll be able to learn about recent advances in Radiology.

    Hyderabad has several good hospitals like Apollo, Yashoda, etc, so ask someone who has worked there.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  4. dr.gs

    dr.gs Guest

    dnb ortho

    hi everybody

    can any one tell me how is Balaji Institute of Surgery Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled Trust Hospital for dnb ortho in terms of exposure & its passing %
  5. aditi_rnry

    aditi_rnry Guest


    good evening maam
    ive got seat in micro dnb and have confirnmed d seat
    but now have been offered dnb patho n have 1 day time to think over it..
    im confused wat to do .
    which is better subject ?? what r future prospects in both fields?
    immunology comes under microbiology or pathology?
    fellowship in infectious diseases can be done in micro?
    can i get fees refunded if i decide to leave ?
  6. DNB courses


    Microbiology has more scope-you're wanted in hospitals & pharmaceutical companies.You can even do a fellowship in infectious diseases later.

    Only if you've funds to start Pathology lab, its worth doing DNB.Presently, best scope is for Histopathology-if you've specailized in that, you're taken up by any major hospital, esp.cancer institutes!

    If you leave a course inbetween, you'll lose your fees as well as a term!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  7. aditi_rnry

    aditi_rnry Guest

    thanks a lot maam for timely guidance ... :D
    i hadnt thought of pharma companies, if it is so then definitely
    then the scope widens for micro..
    wat is d difference in doing micro after mbbs and bsc/msc micro candidates?? :?:
  8. DNB courses


    MD/DNB qualified microbiology doctors have a much better perspective of the subject than others!

    Many colleges have B.Sc, M.Sc & even Ph.D in Microbiology, but unless its a Medical Microbiology like Karnataka, students are not aware of what micro-organisms do to human body, since they only study them in vitro!

    Medical Microbiology course of Karnataks teaches Anatomy, Physiology, etc in 4 years, so they have a better idea of in-vivo actions of antibiotics than regular students of M.Sc Microbiology!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  9. aditi_rnry

    aditi_rnry Guest

    thanks a lot maam , just that i loose confidence when i think of it
    n when others say d same...
    thanks a lot maam :)
  10. ketaki patil

    ketaki patil Guest

    hello asha mam...i m doin internship in a dental college..i m lookin for diploma courses in dentistry...can u help me??
  11. Guest_GK

    Guest_GK Guest

    DNB Ob. & Gync theory preparation

    Hello Dr.Asha Madam,
    You have been very helpful and kind in replying to all & everybodys queries.
    I am doing DNB in Ob. & Gync but somehow unable to clear the theory exam. I have given 2 attempts. Can you give me some tips to clear the theory exam in Ob.& Gyni.
  12. DNB Courses


    I'm sorry that you've to reappear for DNB OBGY Theory exam, but don't lose heart.DNB is a tough exam with ~25% results in any branch so this is expected!

    From previous papers, you must have got a rough idea about the pattern of exam, i.e which topics they stress upon!Apart from following standard textbooks, you've to mainly read latest journals.Watch for newsreports as many examiners ask 2-3 questions on that!

    Currently, emphasis is on following topics:-
    a)Options of infertility treatment.
    b)Foetal sex determination test.
    c)Medical termination of pregnancy.
    d)Surrogate mother & its difficulties.
    e)Early detection of gynaec malignancy.
    f)Newer diagnostic techniques in OBGY.
    g)IUGR-prevention & management.
    h)HIV+ve pregnancy-delivery/breastfeeding.

    Most importantly, solve many questions in a systematic manner!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  13. Guest_GK

    Guest_GK Guest

    Thanks soo much Asha madam. You really are a very very great person.
  14. Deepak Goyal

    Deepak Goyal Guest

    Admissio0n in DNB General Medicine in Jan 2010

    Hello Mam,

    I have passed DNB CET Exam in June2009 now i want to join the Dnb General Medicine in jan 2010 Delhi or Nearby Can u suggest me which hospital i should join in Jan in delhi . Please guide me.
  15. DNB Courses


    There are many good institutes in & around Delhi, like Sir Gangaram, RML hospital, St.Stephen's, Herbertpur Christian Hospital(Dehradun), to name a few!Most institutes prefer candidates who already worked with them, so people do plain post in an institute & apply in December/June thereafter. Keep a watch on DNB ads in leading newspapers as they'll appear around December 2009! ALL THE BEST!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  16. jupi

    jupi Guest

    hello ma'am,
    i have jus finished my DNB general surgery. i'm interested to superspecialize in surgical gastroeneterology. i understand that the xam pattern for dnb-cet superspeciality consists of two parts- mcq paper in general surgery and another short structured written paper in the concerned speciality 10*5=50 marks. can u plz enlighten me as to how the questions will be like, and how r we expected to answer them? and how to prepare for the xam? are there any books available for the same?
  17. dr rachana

    dr rachana Guest

    dnb radiodiagnosis

    hello asha madam,
    i have done my DMRD and interested to do dnb. could u please help me by giving information of colleges in and near mangalore / south india offering the course , time of application and expected fees, and contact details. thank u so much
  18. Do i need to give DNB CET if I get succeeded in AIPPG ?

    Hello Dr. Asha,

    Do I need to give CET - DNB if I already get selected in AIPPG?
    Plus, I would like to know that, can I do simultanously MD & DNB ?

    Please put some light on it.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Dr. Manish Gupta
  19. bsk

    bsk Guest

    DNB medicine

    dear Asha Mam
    I am thinking of joinig DNB medicine.
    DNB is newly started in this institution. The hospital is highly reputed and the patient flow is very good, but i will be the first student for DNB course.
    what you suggest?
  20. loganathan

    loganathan Guest

    hello asha mam
    what is the stiffend recommended by NBE? Is there any revisions?
  21. dnb courses


    If the accreditation is existent for 3 years, i.e till you complete your DNB course, you can take a seat in the institute if its a reputed one!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  22. bsk

    bsk Guest

    DNB medicine

    thank you Mam
  23. Dr. Avinash

    Dr. Avinash Guest

    I have just cleared my DNB practs after appearing it for the third time..all the while i was under the impression that the academics we had at mumbai hospitals r very good for me to pass the practs..unfortunately i flunked twice...then i came across a private teaching at mumbai..He makes u present cases and discuss all the cases very much in detail.....the doctor gives u personal attention and discusses the topic in detail...he also tells u how to present the case confidently. I realised that i m not the first one to pass with his help..most of his students have cleared with him in the first time--this includes all the repeaters also...i have benefitted immensely and so thought of helping all u others.i know the pain of failing twice and dont want the remaining to undergo the same...very few people know about him...the doctor`s name is Dr. Nikhil Shah at kandivli..i m appealing to all the repeaters and freshers-- that this shall definitely help u all to pass the practs...please suit urself.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    where can i get dnb microbiology previous year question papers
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    where can i get dnb microbiology previous year question papers
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dr avinash---thanks 4 advise---which speciality(surgery or obs or ) dr shah discusses with the students---i want to join
  27. guest 9

    guest 9 Guest

    Two seats available for Feb 2009 session in G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial hospital, Coimbatore. Hospital is 550 bedded with 90% bed occupancy rate. Three full time consultants in Medicine, 8 full time cardilogists, one nephrologist, two neurologists, two hematologists, one endocrinologist and one pulmonologist. Cardiology is best department with DNB cardiology (superspeciality) seats as well. [Daily on an average 25 angiogarphy]. Seats given to candidates who join as JMO in Medicine department. Interested candidated plz call me on 09865862155.
  28. guest 9

    guest 9 Guest

    Two seats available for Feb 2009 session in G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial hospital, Coimbatore. Hospital is 550 bedded with 90% bed occupancy rate. Three full time consultants in Medicine, 8 full time cardilogists, one nephrologist, two neurologists, two hematologists, one endocrinologist and one pulmonologist. Cardiology is best department with DNB cardiology (superspeciality) seats as well. [Daily on an average 25 angiogarphy]. Seats given to candidates who join as JMO in Medicine department. Stipend 18,000/month. Annual fee 25,000 only. No donation. Interested candidated plz call me on 09865862155.
  29. puja

    puja Guest

    dnb pimary o&g

    hello Asha mam, can you please tell me which are good centres infor dnb o&g?for july session ?a balanced institute with proper teaching and hands on practical experience?i have secured 74%in CET 2009 Dec.will the percentage be useful in getting a seat ?
  30. avanthika

    avanthika Guest

    hello dr asha,
    i have cleared dnb cet held on december 2009,didnt get my result card ,,,got to know the results from NBE site..wat r the formalities to join dnb course in a college...should i wait for the result card to come by post or should i start giving applications to collees of my interest?
    also plz advise whether dnb-geenral medicine is better or dermatology....as i am interested in both ....which is having a better chance for passing..
    plz help
  31. DNB

    Hello avanthika,

    DNB Dermatology has a better scope especially for ladies as it doesn''t have hectic schedule or emergencies like General Medicine.Its a broad specialty with the advantages of a superspeciality!

    Take a print out of result seen on NBE website so that you can use it like a provisional pass certificate when you apply for DNB somewhere.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  32. puja

    puja Guest

    dnb o & g

    hello Asha mam,

    can you please tell me which are good centres infor dnb o&g?
    for july session ?
    a balanced institute with proper teaching and hands on practical experience?
    i have secured 74%in CET 2009 Dec.will the percentage be useful in getting a seat ?
  33. timiresh

    timiresh Guest

    dnb nuclear medicine

    Hello Asha Ma'm

    i have cleared dnb cet in dec 2009, and want to join dnb nuclear medicine.
    can you suggest some good institutes for nuclear medicine?
    and is it a good branch with good future prospects?

    thanks in advance
  34. MINKU

    MINKU Guest


  35. DNB


    Check the NBE website for list of accredited institutes in metro cities, of course those institutes which have a valid accreitation for about 2 years. I believe charitable hospitals give lot of independent hands-on experience.

    Dermatology, OBGY & Nuclear Medicine are excellent, but institutional attachment is required for Nuclear Medicine. OBGY can be done in own hospital or by attachment to someone else's nursing home. That way, Dermatology is least expensive to start own clinic & has good scope!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  36. GUEST 123

    GUEST 123 Guest


    Please think bfor u join dnb.....1)results in range of 8% to 9% 2) Long time taken to pass....5yrs to 10 years...no exagerration....lot of people may leave midway.3)Not eligible even for Asst. Prof post as MCI does not recognise.

    GUESTMK Guest


  38. GUest1!

    GUest1! Guest

    visit site www dnbdoctors com

    pl visit site www dnbdoctors com
  39. DNB


    Apply to Manipal only for courses that are recognized by MCI.Check MCI website for confirmation of recognition of various courses at Manipal.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  40. dr dilip

    dr dilip Guest

    pass percentage in dermatology??

    hello madam,
    can u tell me wat is the pass percentage in dnb dermatology? becouse am intrested in dermatology n i tried all india twice. but i failed.. i havent know any details about dnb dermatology.. mam kindly tell me ur valuable opinion n pass percentage in this course..
    thank u.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi asha mam..
    i passed my dnb cet dec 2009..
    wanna like to know which brannch to opt for among opthal,surgery n medicine..what is the passing rate of these branches n which institute to to opt for better academics..
    my also trying for aipg entrance but not having enough confidence to get rank..please guide me..
    thanking u n oblige..
  42. dr.nirmalya

    dr.nirmalya Guest


    hello asha mam,
    can you tell me if there is any rule that one has to pass dnb exams within a stipulated time (3 atempts) or else wud have to start the course afresh?
    my 2 nd q is in the official site it is mentioned that the hospitals have to pay that amt of salary they r paying to the MD/MS trainees......is it true?
  43. DNB plastic surgery (6yrs)

    Could u plz share any available information on DNB plastic surgery 6yrs that i heard is about to begin at some hospitals.
    Is it from this june that they will be starting the course ?
    Is it advisable to join a 6yr DNB course with such low pass percentage.?
    If at all one passes in an attempt or two what are the future prospects... won't the big shot hospitals favour Mch (plastic) for filling theirs vacancies.?

    Alternatively, how tough is it to get into an MCH plastic course after MS Surgery.
    i am dead sure serious about pursuing plastic surgery ... but which track to go along :
    MS, MCH
    MS, DNB-ss
    DNB, DNB-ss
    DNB (6yr)

    Plz help.
  44. regarding dnb courses

    hi ma'm,
    i had cleared dnb cet in june09,but was waiting for aipg/state pg.got a rank only in state pg which wouldn't give me any desired seat.so now i'm thinking about dnb.can u tell me about the pass percentage in branches like anaesthesia/RD in kolkata institutes and which are the institutes to go for in kolkata and elsewhere?it is said that the mainstream subjects like med/surg/o&g/paed/ortho are hard to pass,is it true?infact thats the basic reason i'm thinking about anaesth/RD.is there any site/link from where i can get the details of passing of dnb courses in various institutes?
    waiting for your reply
    dr rajarshi roy,
  45. neeraj9303

    neeraj9303 Guest

    Clarification regarding qualification

    Hello all. I am a little confused hence seeking help. My wife has completed PG diploma (DCH) and wants to pursue DNB now. For July 2010 session the CET form submission date is over. My question is whether for registering as a DNB candidate qualifying in CET is must or is there a relaxation for PG diploma holders if they want to pursue DNB in same field. The NBE website is not very clear about this.

    A worried non-medico husband!
  46. dnb seat

    intrested in dnb surgery and medicine seat in mumbai and pune hospitals in june 2010 batch ..important..hence will like to be informed about various interview dates at various centers ..
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest


    If your wife's dch is recognized by MCI,then she dosen't have to clear the DNB exam.She can join as a secondary candidate in dnb pediatrics (2yrs for diploma holders)if her dch is a CPS / Non recognized course ,she has to clear the DNB and apply as a primary candidate (3yrs)
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello asha ma'am im new to this forum .. have read a lot about it.. i hav done my DGO from delhi. well i want to do DNB .. can u please guide me if its better to do DNB in hyderabad or delhi based on the exposure . which are the good hospitals in hyderabad that offer DNB . how is the work exosure and passing rate over there.?please reply
  49. DNB


    Both places have excellent hospitals(see list of NBE-accredited hospitals). In Hyderabad, Fernandez hospital is a renowned institute for OBGY!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Maam,

    I have passed my MD biochemistry; Can I do DNB pead now; If so how to go further?

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