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    my question is to asha madam,ether mrcs is known mci recognized degree or what?many a plle tell that its just qualifing exam and carries no value and unregistrable with mci.but in third schedule of MCI mrcs london as well as frcs london are enumerated as a mci recognized degrees.
    now lets a look to my problem .in 2011 ministry of gujarat govt issued gr that all cps will be recognised by gujarat medical council(GMC) provided by after completing candidate will complete 1 yr of service to gujarat government.after reading this gr,i taken admission in CPS D ORTHO in grant medical college,mumbai after passing its screening as i completed it this year,i visited GMC.they told me that we have not received yet the copy of gr and secretory told that even if i will receive the copy then even i am not going to give any registration to any cps candidate as i am not govt depended body ,i am MCI dependent body.when i went to gujarat govt health ministry they told that GMC is govt dependent body they have no right to decide to whom to give registration or not ,we will decide whom to give registration or not,they are just register maintainers and they have to obey state govt as well as MCI.but we are still thinking that we should apply the gr or not practically. then i personally visited health minister and asked him that the gr already has been issued by govt and you are thinking now ,its ridiculous.better you pple have thought it before issuing a gr ,already 200 lifes has been caught in between.he easily told that i didn't issued the gr ,previous health minister has issued the gr.
    now my question is if gujarat govt doesnt give me registration ,can i give mrcs and make my degree registrable to mci?because as i have done my all 4 posts of 6 months to grant medical college,mumbai as a stipendory resident on the basis of its experience certificate i am eligible to give mrcs.
    someone also told me that being an mbbs you can do any surgery if you know the technoque.for it the MCI registration is not the time of any MLC lawyer cant ask you that being an MBBS why you operated the case.if you have not made any obvious mistake,and the complication is among the known complications as well as you have taken appropriate consent and done appropriate paper work no one can held you on the name of degree, is it true?i am asking because i am very good hand at most of the orthopaedic surgeries including spine instrumentation as i have done all my posts in grant medical college.
    some other friend also told me that you can practice anywhere in India,provided by your degree is registrable to any of 25 state medical it true?as the cps is recognized my maharastra medicle council can i practice in guajarat?
    one another friend has told me that recently by mci has passed new resolution that all degrees of 5 english speaking countries ie USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,NETHERLAND,CANADA are it true,if yes then can passing mrcs will work for me to work as an orthopaedician?someone also told me that after passing the resolution even the state govt are denying where can we get the copy of resolution or can you give me a link to download that resolution?

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