Verocay body is seen in

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    Verocay body is seen in
    a) Meningioma
    b) Glioma
    c) Schwannoma
    d) Hemangioma

    Answer: Schwannoma

    Schwannoma is also known as neurilemoma.
    Encapsulated biphasic nerve sheath tumor
    derived from Schwann cells.
    Biphasic: compact hyper-cellular Antoni A
    areas and myxoid hypo-cellular Antoni B areas.
    Small tumors may be all Antoni A.
    Cells are narrow, elongate and wavy with
    tapered ends interspersed with collagen fibers
    Nuclear palisading around fibrillary process
    (Verocay bodies) are often seen in cellular
    Large irregularly spaced vessels are most
    prominent in Antoni B areas

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