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    The list of AMC Clinical books include:

    1. Best way to approach the AMC & CSA Clinical Exam cases.
    AMC Clinical Skills and Station wise Proforma for all the cases.
    (History taking, Physical Examination, Important Exam Cases and System wise proforma)

    2. Solved VMPF Recall Papers (VMPF NOTES) for AMC Clinical exams.
    (More than 125 solved VMPF Recall papers including the latest 2010 & 2011 papers)

    3. AMC Multi-Station Structured Clinical Assessment DVD

    4. Bates' Guide to History Taking and Physical Examination
    Complete Book With Examination Videos DVDs (All systems)

    5. AMC Handbook Of Clinical Assessment (Latest)

    6. Tally NJ. O'Connor Clinical Examination: Syst Guide To Physical Diagnosis

    7. J.Murtagh Patient Education 3rd Ed

    8. Core Clinical Cases and 100 Clinical Cases.
    (Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Ethics)

    9. USMLE Step 2 CS Videos

    10. Therapeutic Guidelines Full Set (14 subject set)

    11. Australian Medicines Handbook (eAMH) Full version

    12. Portable Review for Clinical Examination
    (CS Check Lists, First Aid for CS, Lange review for CS)

    13. Devitt P, Hamilton Craig. Clinical Problems In General Medicine

    All the above books are latest recommended editions available in color. I have helped many candidates to pass AMC exams. I will provide a study plan for exam preparation so that you can clear AMC Clinical in first attempt itself.
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