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    Hello All Doctors and visitors,

    Racist comments in this forum are becoming increasingly common. We at AIPPG would wish to warn people against posting such comments.

    These comments violate our terms of service available at www.aippg.com/dis.html and these also are against service terms of all british internet service providers.

    We will share IP addresses of all such posters with respective service providers in future. ( Eg BT / NT etc)

    Hope this would serve as a timely warning

    AIPPG Support
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    It's time

    It's time you take actions against these racist attacks. It spoils the spirit of people sharing information and knowledge. People like Joker and Analysis should be warned! If this forum uses a registration using e-mail , then people would think twice before making racist attacks!
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    I mean mandatory e-mail registration for access!
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    In the mean time why not just delete the offending posts ?
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    Re-evaluate yourself joker!

    Who said to you racism is only based on colour of skin? I think you should refer to the dictionary what ' racism' means.

    DEFN- RACISM : -
    1. animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races

    2. belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior

    Don't you have prejudice towards other races? I think you qualify for the definition of a racist! I think you should be banned from this forum , until you change yourself. We don't want people like you in this forum!
    And think before you make jokes on other people, because life revolves in circles and on the day when the joke's on you , you won't be able to forgive yourself and that will lead to low self esteem.You won't be able to redeem yourself and succeed again!
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    I think you cannot trace it if the attacker used internet cafe.
  8. I think the moderator needs to do something about these racist comments being posted on this site. I believe very soon the police will get involved and will investigate all posts
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    I find that there is a lot of squabbling between participants on this forum. Everybody hurls abuse in all directions regardless of race, citizenship, ethnicity and ancestry.
    May be we should say stop the bitching and not just the racism.
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    please don,t do e-mail registration , log in kinda thing.
    this is one good thing abt u , easy access , made me turn to yr forum . coz the other forum i was on , after they started log in thing , no of posts drasticaally decreased , which is not a good thing, coz we r here to share expereinces. probably people like me who r too lazy to log in than stopped givin opinions.
    better thing in my view is tat moderator should delete any such offensive remarks.
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    :D :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol:
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    A good Idea[/list]

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