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    Subject - FSM

    Fingerprint- idea by Sir William Herschelle
    System used - Henry sytem of fingerprint classification
    Basic principles & uniqueness of fingerprint - Sir Francis Galton
    First fingerprint bureau- in Kolkata, 1897

    Fingerprint appears - b/w 12-16 wks
    Formation complete by - 24 wks

    most common type- Loops> Whorls > Arches > Composite

    as fingerprint involves both epidermis & dermis it can't be destroyed or permanently changed without destroying true skin.

    > moderate epidermal atrophy +/- loss of pattern --> Coeliac disease
    > incomplete ridge atrophy/alteration --> SAD--> Scleroderma, Acanthosis nigricans, Dermatitis, Dry/atrophic skin
    > distance b/w ridges change but pattern remains same --> RIA--> Rickets, Infantile paralysis, ACromegaly
    > Dry ice, corrosives, burns, rubbing against hard rough surface may also cause temporary change but none is permanent without destruction of true skin
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    Cheiloscopy--> Lip print
    Rugoscopy --> Palatoprint --> taken from ant part of hard palate
    Podogram --> foot print
    Anthropometry--> useful after 21 years of age

    Dentition : -

    Temporary --> LCI- 6m, UCI- 7m, ULI-8m, LLI- 9m, 1st Molar(M1)- 1yr, C - 18m, M2- 2yrs

    Permanent --> M1- 6yr, CI - 7yr, LI-8yr, PM1 - 9yr, PM2 - 10yr, C- 11yr, M2- 12-14yr, m3- 17-25yrs

    Age of mixed dentition- 6yrs to 11/12yrs

    Gustafson's method of age estimation from teeth -
    APSCRT--> Attrition, Paradentosis, Secondary dentition, Cementum apposition, Root resorption, Transparency of the root.
    most reliable criteria --> Transparency of the root.
    But helpful only in age group of 25-60yrs. Errors occur after 50yrs of age.

    Anterior teeth are preferred, 3rd molar is least preferred.
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    Age estimation in infants from teeth-->

    Boyde method - from incremental lines
    Stack's method - from the weight of the erupting teeth

    Cephalic Index = (maximum breadth of skull)/ (maximum length of skull) X 100

    Dolicocephaly --> long headed --> CI = 70 - 74.9 --> Pure Aryans(Indians)

    Mesaticephaluc --> medium handed --> CI = 75 - 79.9 --> Chinese, Europeans

    Brachycephalic --> short headed --> CI= 80 or more --> Mongols

    Blant trauma abdomen,most common organ injury
    B)Small intestine

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