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    J shaped stella
    optic nv glioma
    normal variant
    Superficial palmar arch-ulnar art.
    deep palmar arch-tadial art.
    Gene silencing-siRNA
    gene knockdown-siRNA
    Splicing seen in snRNA
    splicing function of mRNA
    Posr mortem caloricity by
    pontine stroke
    Right's criteria of PE (exudative PE)
    1.PF/serum protein>0.5
    2.PF/serum LDH>0.6
    3.PF LDH>2/3 of upper normal serum LDH

    Benedict syndrome
    Ipsilateral 3rd nv lesion,contralateral ataxia,tremor

    Weber syndrome
    ipsilatetal 3rd nv,contralatetal hemiplegia

    Milard gublar syndrome
    Ipsilateral 6th,7th (UMN)nv,contralateral hemiplegia

    Wallenberg/lateral medullary syndrome
    ipsilateral 5th,9th,10th,11th nv,

    Brown sequard syndrome/hemisection of spinal cord
    1.ipsilatetal dorsal column(joint position,vibration--from upper limb cuneatus;from lower limb gracilis)
    2.contralateral spinothalamic(pain,temperature)
    3.ipsilatetal corticospinal(motor,power)

    Moro reflex disappears at 3months
    Smiles at mirror image,stranger anxiety @6 months
    peek-a-boo@10 months
    15months-make a tower of 2 cubes
    18 months-make a tower of 3 cubes,feeds himself witj spoon
    24 months-simple sentence
    5 yr-copy triangle

    1st sign of puberty in male-testis enlargement
    in female thelarche>puberche>menarche
    in female precocious puberty
    1.if 2┬░sex character before 8yrs
    2.if menarche before 10 yrs

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