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    Dear Brothers&Sisters

    I have booked to appear in Intercollegiate MRCS I on 16/01/2005, but i need to know what books to read for this exam.

    Actually, I have about 12 Old pastest books for the old FRCS basic science. are these books enough, or i have to get some new books

    need reply urgently from MRCS post takers
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    Yes dear .....you need preperation about 6 months
    start with good anatomy book like snell anatomy(in details please)
    then move to i recommend concise human physiology(by SUKKAR)
    then if you have time move to basic pathology(by KUMAR)
    all of this preperation will be withen 3 months
    then you must take good book for revision applied basic science for basic surgical training(by RAFTERY)with it's accompanied MCQS of the same book within 1 month good reading from the A-Z
    now you will have 2 months perior to exam i recommend to do allot of MCQS latest books like INTERCOLLEGIATE APPLIED BASIC SCIENCE MCQS by CHRISTOPHER L H CHAN from pastest web site it's vvv Mcqs book which give you clear idea about the type MCQS
    avoid you old style FRCS books
    Please do allot of pure MCQS within the last 2 months
    if you need more you can subscribe to pastestonline.com vvv usefull.good luck dear in your preperation
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    thank you

    thank you brother for your generous advice.. I think i have so limited time to fulfill your plan.

    i will go directly thru MCQ books

    thanks again

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