What jobs after md pharm?

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  1. Pharm Lover

    Pharm Lover Guest

    I would be extremely grateful to anybody providing me info on what all are the job prospects in india after MD Pharmacology.
    Any future abroad after md pharm.?
    What if the college from where u do is not mci recognised?
    And other pros and cons of doing MD Pharmacology.
  2. Dr Placebo

    Dr Placebo Guest

    the prospects after MD Pharm depends greatly on the institution where u r doing it....if the infrastructure and the reputation is good you are safe...few avenues after MD Pharm are
    go for a PhD abroad in a good institute after clearing GRE(for that you need to have a good GRE score and few international/national journal publications in the field of interest)
    join any pharmaceutical company in the R&D or Marketing depending on your interest
    continue with a DM Clinical Pharm
    last but not the least teaching jobs also offer a good pay due to the mashrooming medical colleges....
    i'm doing MD Pharm in a reputed insti and happy with the prospects its offering..definately worth doing if u r not passionate abt clinical subjects
    rest left to u..
    good luck
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi Dr placebo . could u plz give sme examples of reputed colleges when it comes to pharmac ? I`m not sure if i can go for AIIMs coz i have lost a couple of yers in MBBS , well other than this ..other coleges ? thank you
  4. Dr Placebo

    Dr Placebo Guest

    when it comes to pharmac...it is PGI the numero uno...
    the next are AIIMS,CMC,KEM,JIPMER,BHU...few are good in basic research and few in Clinical Pharm
    good luck
  5. Pharm Lover

    Pharm Lover Guest

    Thanks Dr Placebo

    Thank you very much Dr. placebo for the intensive info that u have provided for the options after md pharm.
    I simply love pharm to the core of my heart and can even forego clinical subjects for it.
    The GRE option is a good one, but i would want to know the level of compitition one has to face.
    The phamaceutical companies is also a good option.
    How much does one earn in pharmaceutical companies? What level of experiance do u need?
    What rank dou have to get inturn to get pg an md pharm. in different colleges like - PGI,AIIMS,CMC,KEM,etc.
    Thanks for your reply
  6. Dr Placebo

    Dr Placebo Guest

    For GRE..You need to have a good GRE/Subject GRE score...Good Publication,Reasearch record during post graduate days

    Salary is decent if not too much to handle..all depends how worthy you are for the pharm company.

    You need a rank between100-200 in PGI,AIIMS...a rank around 1500 for JIPMER,KEM,BHU in AIPGMEE...CMC depends on entrance,practicals,interview...

    Good Luck
  7. Pharm lover

    Pharm lover Guest


    Thanks again Dr Placebo,
    sorry to bother u again with my new query. just wanted to know if any of ur friends are working in indian pharmaceutical companies? If yes, how much do they earn, how easy is it to get a job in these companies, what are the big names in this sector. will i have to do some management course before they let me in?
    Sorry for the over anxious questions, hope u understand as i am going to leave clinical line and going to join para clinical, hence the doubt.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In Pharmaceuical industry during entry level in one ears app 3- 4 lakhs per year . However after years of experience the package may increase to 5- 6 lakhs per year depending on the need from your side and the company side. Big pharma is active in India are Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy laboratory , Cipla , and multinationals like pfizer, abots, gsk, aventis etc. Entry level depends upon your technical knowledge and communication skills and how meticoulsy you put acroos your objectives. Management degree is not a must to entry to pharmaceutical industry but if done will have an added advantage
    All the best for your career
    DrSanath Hegde
    DM Clinical Pharmacology resident in KEM Hospital
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please tell me how is nagpur gmc md pharma please
  10. dr t

    dr t Guest

    please tell me how is nagpur gmc md pharma please
  11. Pharm Lover

    Pharm Lover Guest

    MD Pharm

    Thanks Dr Sanath, for providing the indian phaemaceutical sector scenario. By the way what is the job description for such posts in phama companies, the work that u have to do? I had heard there was a lot more pay than u have written. 5-6 lakhs is too meagre for a whole year, that too in multinational companies, anyways, i still think the GRE route to US is much better than india.
  12. hello friends
    i wanna 2 know about career after md pharma.will it be a nice decision 2 leave clinical line for it.
    wat r the heights one can achieve in this proffesion.
    i had heard tat this time aiims pharma was blocked on 24 rank.tat means this field is booming. wat is the package opne get in pharma company.wat kind of work we have 2 do. can anybody help me.
  13. sne

    sne Guest

    ph.d in chemistry at u.s

    lz help me out and tell me prospects of doing ph.d @ u.s.im doing m.sc in chemistry...in which feild shd i go and which is d best univ over there.i'll b grate full if my prob is sorted out
  14. job prospect after m. pharm.

    hello sir,
    I m pursuing m. pharm. in pharmaceutical chemistry.kindly tell me job prospects after my degree.
  15. ajeet gurjar

    ajeet gurjar Guest

    hello sir i m dng m.,pharma in medui. chem.....plz tl me d way to go in research

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