what would b the cut off this time

Discussion in 'AIIMS Nov 2013' started by mambo, May 15, 2005.

  1. mambo

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    i hear people say that the cut off would b 70% this time in may aiims 2005......i agree that the paper was easy but 70% cut off never happened in history i guess.....what do u people think....is that possible.....i'm getting around 66.33%....do i have any chance to b in the list......
  2. corpuscle

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    By cut off you mean the minimum mark which qualifies to appear in the first list, I guess. If so, it definitely won't be 70%. It's only an exaggeration to say so.In AIIMS Nov 2001, the first mark was 78.50%.In the same exam, 25th mark was 71.66% and 150th mark was 66.66%. So Cut off will be around 67% only, though the first mark may shoot up.
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    By the way, you are giving your mark accurately. Do you know the answers to all qns?
  4. mambo

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    just like that

    Thatz not impossible Mr.corpuscle........
    i think i know the answers 4 the most of the questions except may b 4 or 5......by the way i take into account only the answers i'm sure.......rest of them including the dubious ones i consider wrong.

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