What's my chances of passing?, Step 2 cs

Discussion in 'USMLE STEP 2 CS' started by dr jazzy, Aug 6, 2006.

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    What's my chances of passing?, Step 2 cs

    I had my step 2 cs last week.
    It was most horrible test in my life.
    I know its difficult for me to clear the test this time.I just wanted to know if there is any chance of mine passing this test.
    I couldn't complete within time in 4 cases.I had just finished the examination part n time was over. I didn't do opthalmoscopy in 3-4 cases where i think it was needed. I did very,very focussed examination.Just did the the system which the patient was complaining of.
    My pt note wasn't great.I think its legible but it doesn't look very tidy to read.Missed very few points in history.did the usual stuff like draping, washing hands, open ended question,answering pt concerns ,making eye contact,etc.
    so what r the odds of mine passing this test?
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    8) CHEER UP dr jazzy. you put in your best and might have done all the essential things. only time will tell now!

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