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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Guest, Jul 5, 2004.

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    is no body giving MRCS, all are for MRCP. Where is MRCS forum on this web site. help please.
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    Hi, You are right, where is the MRCS forum, AIPPG people please help in this matter, you shold also start MRCS forum here on this web site. Thanks
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    can anyone help me out there.i have passed my plab part 1 and am due to write part 2 in june.as i am interesteed in ent.....therefore surgey,i would like to know if while applying for clinical attachment i should go for surgery or ent.
    also ...............and sorry to bug you............which books do i need for mrcs??

    thank you
  4. dr altruist

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    regarding books for mrcs

    dear doctor regarding books for mrcs any book helps the most important thing is to be cool and focused also u need to be determined n persistant ,u try to organize urself in a way that make u more able to pass this exam easily ,the lost valuable advice i like to offer u is that not to get depressed during ur preperation ,keep it up and look forward for the best. i am sure these sincer valuale adices i lied here r going to to make big change to ur life and it s important u give them the contemplation they deserve before start implementing them all i am asking u for in return is to remember me in ur prairs
    yours sincerely and genuinely
    dr m. r
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    dear doc mr,
    thank you for that lovely message, but my questions still remains about mrcs.i dont know what to apply for clinical attachment.my goal is to do ent.so whether ent or surgery as a clinical attachment remains under question.????
    in my prayers. dr enteee
  6. Hi,

    First regarding MRCS---i cant specify all books ...but i can suggest...for part 1 & 2...read kirk rcs manual,perchments core and system review,huangs MCQ and finally baily & Love.as far as PLAB is concerned...do your MRCS from India...complete all parts....and than think of coming here...otherwise u will waste your time....for attachments....go to specialistinfo.com....u will find the list of consultants...and apply for general surgery...thats the easiest...it will be difficult to get into ENT....good luck

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