Which is considered the most powerful nonverbal communicatio

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    Which of the following is considered the most powerful nonverbal communication?
    A. Touch
    B. Gesture and posture
    C. Dress and grooming
    D. Physical distance
    E. Facial expression
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    The answer is: A

    All channels of communication between persons other than the literal meaning of words spoken are designated as nonverbal communication. All the following can be considered as nonverbal communication: gesture and posture; touch; dress and grooming; physical distance; facial expression; skin color (e.g., pale, blushing); body hygiene; and even voice inflection, tone, and volume. Nonverbal communications convey more emotions and feelings than other types of information, and they are important in placing verbal communication into a context. Physicians must be especially sensitive to nonverbal communication to secure the maximum communication, information, feelings, and context. It is also important to recognize that differences in cultural and ethnic backgrounds are often expressed in different nonverbal communication patterns. Touch is considered to be the most powerful of the many forms of nonverbal communication as it can communicate such messages as caring, support, and intensity of feelings. It is also regarded as having significant curing power in its own right. Furthermore, touching can communicate valuable information to the physician about the patient, such as tension, temperature, anxiety, and muscle tone.

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