Which is the most common site of metastatic disease

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    Which is the most common site of metastatic disease?
    1. Lung.
    2. Bone.
    3. liver.
    4. brain.
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    liver i guess..its second only to lymph nodes...robbins.....chapter of neoplasia...bailey pge no 216...thank you ...dr sandesh..i guess this what i asked earlier to people...i forgot that...

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    think again its lung given clearly in robbins. 7th 765 pg. i dont understan d y a website like this which has been here for more than 5 yrs now does not make mandatory for those posting answers here to do so with correct refernce no of book with edition and page no.otherwise any body will make an attempt and give an answer which he things is right without checking the details.it is easy for an individual to feel which ans is right but when u go deep down and search for ans it gives u a hell a lot of time. it will also raise the credibility of the forum.books like ashish gupta , mudit khanna are so succesful bcause they give refrences for their ans .hello aippg pls do so.remember the age old saying by succesful P.G achievers "use of self brain is contraindicated in mcq solving" MODERATORS MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.SOLVING MCQS IS NOT CHILD PLAY.IHAVE BEEN SEEINGFOR 3 YRS NOW PEOPLE JUST COME TO THESE FORUM AND GIVE THEIR ANS SAYING THAT THEY HAVE READ IT SOMEWHERE WHILE THE REAL ANS GOES ON TO BE SOMETHING ELSE MISLEADING ASPIRANTS AND FINALLY REDUCING THE CREDIBILITY AND DEPENDENCE ON AIPPG[/b]
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    is it?....

    bt in harrison, its clearly written that liver is the oragan where metastatic depositions are found most commonly in autopsies...........plz clarify....
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    i am sorry for my previous post..
    new Rbbins mentions in lung chapter ..in metastatic lung disease...previous edition only said its a common site for metastases...now it says ..it is the most common..i hardly disagree with dr. sandesh...new edition..new answer..that is why we read new books...nothing else...
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    pge no 535 harrison's 16th ..liver is second only to lymph nodes in the frequency of metastases.....well i am tired of this question ...and feels sick...whats the answer...well we should look now which edition came later..later the edition better the answer.....this is supposed to be joke on me and many of you....who attempted this question...who are definately wrong must be relaxed ...

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