which one to prefer for part 1-pastest or onexamination?

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by mrcp part 1, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. mrcp part 1

    mrcp part 1 Guest

    hey guys m preparing fr part1..by now i've learnt tht kalra n passmedicine r must..bt which to prefer amongst pastest n onexamination??
    also pls suggest me some strategy as to how to go abt preparing fr part 1??
  2. mrcp part1

    mrcp part1 Guest

    guys pls.. pls.. pls.. help me....pls reply!!!
  3. 1.passmedicine 3 times
    2.Onexamination 2 times

    Thats all..
    Keep your logic and common sense functioning during preparation and exams.
  4. EZ Pass

    EZ Pass Guest

    OnExam £100 4 months
    Pastest £69 until next exam

    OnExam 2120 Best of Five questions
    Pastest 4400 Best of Five questions

    OnExam: No extras
    Pastest: 43 eLectures, 33 video lectures, daily Ask the Experts videos.

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