While introducing the Swan-ganz catheter, its placement in t

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    While introducing the Swan-ganz catheter, its placement in the pulmonary artern can be identified by the following pressure tracing:
    a) Diastolic pressure is lower in PA than in RV
    b) Diastolic pressure is higher in PA than in RV.
    c) PA pressure tracing has diacrotic notch from closure of pulmonary valve.
    d) RV pressure tracing for plateau and sharp drop in early diastole.
    14. A 63 year old man presents with a triad of angina, syncope and congestive heart failure. Which of the following valvular heart lesion can be suspected?
    a) Mitral stenosis b) Tricuspid regurgitation
    c) Aortic stenosis d) Aortic regurgitation.
    15. In the treatment of severe bradycardia, all of the following can be the best modality of treatment except:
    a) Atropine b) Pacing
    c) Isoproterenol d) Ditiazem
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    Triad of Angina, syncope and CCF is AORTIC STENOSIS.

    T/t of Severe bradycardia uses all except diltiazem

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