why MRCS now after new regulations?

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    for all friends who dreams of getting teaching position in uk after doing MRCS.recently on website i read announcement from royal college that possibility of getting teaching position in uk after new regulations is very near to zero because of prefrnc to europeans first :evil: :oops: .so i m really wondering whats use of paying this bundles of money to royal college.i hav already cleared 2 parts and very much interested to do superspeciality study.can i have words of advice from aippg staff meembers.what should i do.return to india and once again join our indian course.ONE WORD OF ADVICE FOR ALL WHO WANT TO RUNAWAY FROM OUR COUNTRY :? .WHEREVER U GO U WILL STAY OUTSIDER SO WHY NOT TO BE LOYAL TO MOTHERLAND :) .atleast i m thinking after leaving india......advice please.
  2. Yes you are very right, in current situation passing MRCS is not a surity for a training position in UK. But, in situation like me in last year of Urology training in Pakistan (FCPS), Now i just wanted to be there to earn money and to get some european experience, either by staff grade or some non training / locum positions. I have passed MRCS 1 &2 last year and will give part 3 in October InshALLAH. Pray for me please!

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