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    The theme was taken by the first Practice test and my answer is the following.

    The bar chart illustrates a number of reasons (and to be more precise 7 of them) of studing into adulthood. In general, we can clearly see a fluctuation.

    The majority (40%) studys because they're interesting in the subject, whereas expantion of qualification comes in the second place with a little difference by 2%. Almost half way down, a 22% find it helpful for their current labour, while a 20% want to improve the odds of promotion, equally from those which just enjoy learning. The lowest percentages are given to reasons such as labour alteration and socialisation by 12% and 9% perspectively.

    The table below the graph shows three ways of individual lesson fee payment methods for adulthood education. It suggests that a 40% of the total cost should be payed by the person in instrest and a amount of 35% should be filled by the company's owner where the person works. The last porposion of 25% must be covered by taxes.

    Please read it and write if you see any mistakes... I'm not native english speaker and I'm working on it... Thanks :)
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    While I was reading it i found some of my mistakes, those include some words such as "paid" (not payed...), studies for studies and last proportion for porposion.... I don't know if there is a meaning disunderstanding from the above... i hope it's ok... i'm taking the test this Saturday and i'm working as much as i can...
    I'll be glad if someone can suggest me other works that must be done.

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